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    Five things you should know about Indonesian coffee

    When most roasters and green buyers think of Indonesian coffee they think about wet-hulled Sumatra. Musty, earthy, spicy, tobacco-y… Some love it, others can’t stand it. However, Indonesia is much more than a cup of earthy wet-hulled Sumatra. Read the summary of our interview with Troy Kiper of Bright Java Coffee and discover the diverse flavour profiles being produced by young forward-thinking cooperatives.
    published over 2 years ago

    • Indonesia
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    Café Selva Norte: the environmental project in Peru you should support to reduce your carbon footprint

    Deforestation is one of the main causes behind the emission of greenhouse gases in Peru and growing coffee under full sun, a practice which became common after the leaf rust crisis in 2013, is one of the contributing factors. To fight this, agroforestry project developer Ecotierra created the Café Selva Norte initiative. Read our interview with Guillaume Nadeau, Deputy CEO of Ecotierra Canada, to learn how the project supports cooperatives through microcredit, seedlings and technical assistance to farmers so they can transition from full sun to a healthy shade-grown crop, which will also improve their yields and double their income.
    published over 2 years ago

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    How two growers are building a better supply chain in Guatemala

    The quality of Mexican coffee can be spectacular. To understand where the quality comes from, we will now introduce you to two coffee areas and the producers we visited this year, starting with Veracruz.
    published almost 4 years ago

    • Guatemala
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    Jumping on Tanzania’s roller coaster

    Neel & Vera, farmers based in Tanzania, find time to trial new fermentation methods in the midst of political instability and trade breakdown
    published over 4 years ago

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