The Land of a Thousand Flavours

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You can fit 42 Rwandas inside Ethiopia. 22 inside Kenya. 36 inside Tanzania. Rwanda’s size puts the country in a delicate position in the international coffee market, not being able to compete with its neighbours in volume. However, the country has been gaining attention due to an increase in quality driven by locally-owned washing stations. 

Known as "the land of a thousand hills" due to its topography, Rwanda has extraordinary and multifaceted coffees with profiles that combine the bright acidity of Kenyans with the juicy florals of Ethiopians and the mouthfeel and sweetness of Central Americans. 

The acidity of washed Rwandese coffees is often sweet and sour, with notes ranging from grapefruit and lemon to cranberries and blackcurrants. It is, however, usually more balanced than in Kenyan coffees, offset by the creaminess of the body, undertones of spices and a chocolatey aftertaste. Naturals can be intensely fruity, with notes of tropical fruits and berries, and heavy in the body - perfect for creating interesting espresso-based drinks.

Rwanda is divided into 5 provinces including Kigali, the capital. They are  Intara y'Amajyaruguru (Northern Province, in local Kinyarwanda), Intara y'Amajyepfo (Southern Province), Intara y'Iburasirazuba (Eastearn Province) and Intara y'Iburengerazuba (Western Province). 

There are over 400.000 farmers in the country distributed on 42.000 hectares of land and the average farm size is 0.08 hectares. The altitude of farms ranges from 1300 m to 2500 m and the soil is a mix of volcanic, clay loam and acidic.

Algrano in Rwanda
Rwandese washing stations started offering coffee on Algrano in 2020. In a market dominated by multinationals, we partner exclusively with local companies, who offer coffee from a wide range of districts like Rulindo and Gakenke in the North, Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru in the South, Gatsibo in the East and Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru in the West. These Rwandese businesses are among the few exporting Naturals, Honeys and experimental coffees, which are still less than 1% of the country’s production, which consists largely of Fully Washed coffees.

There are also washing stations offering Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees on the marketplace. Samples typically arrive in June for shipments in August and September.

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