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Brazilians often refer to their country as the terrinha. It is a term of endearment that means “little land” and that couldn’t be more ironic. With its continental dimensions and states bigger than many European countries, Brazil has been the largest producer and exporter of coffee on the planet for over 150 years with a wide diversity of growing regions from South to North, growing both arabica and robusta. The terrinha is a giant.

Brazilian farmers grow mainly Catuaí, Bourbon, Mundo Novo, Icatu, Acaiá, Typica, Obatã, Topázio and Catucaí. The two traditional processing methods are natural and pulp natural, known locally as “CD” or Cereja Descascado. Picking is mainly mechanical, with manual picking being adopted in certain areas due to inclination of the plot and to produce specialty grade lots. Today, you can find honeys, anaerobics and different experiments. The country has a robust production of scientific research on the field that can produce high scoring coffees. The harvest runs from April to October.

A good cup score is not the only thing Brazilian producers are looking for. They search for repeatability and consistency. The same principles and protocols behind the production of larger volumes of more standard qualities are now being applied to the world of specialty coffee to increase cup quality and stability of profiles year after year. The goal here is to replicate the quality you find in micro-lots in bigger volumes, making specialty more mainstream. There is no sleepy giant here. The force is awake. 

Algrano in Brazil
Brazil is Algrano’s strongest origin and home to our oldest partners. Most producers in our community are based in different parts of Minas Gerais, the main coffee-producing state in the country. They are small and medium cooperatives offering regional blends and single-farm lots and also bigger innovative estates led by a new generation of quality-focused producers. Many of the Brazilian producers registered on Algrano have some certification, like Rainforest Alliance or 4C, and we are also partnering with new organic certified farms.

Featured coffees

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    Fazendas Dutra Organic Natural, 15up, Single Origin, RFA

    D'Brasil Organic Coffee Verified Seller

    • Brazil
    • Natural/Sun Dried
    • 83.25 points

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    Offered by Coopervass Verified Seller

    Traditional, starting to export w/ social impact

    • Brazil
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    D'Brasil Organic Coffee

    Offered by D'Brasil Organic Coffee Verified Seller

    Organic blends & single-variety lots

    • Brazil
    • Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ Certified, 4C
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    Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos

    Offered by Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos Verified Seller

    Small coop scaling production of anaerobic lots

    • Brazil
    • UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance