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We harness the power of technology
to empower coffee growers around the world

Three stories. One community.

Success story

Algrano is a Swiss startup founded by three university friends. It was kickstarted by two international startup programmes in Chile and Brazil to become the first online trading platform for green coffee beans. Algrano found early success on the day of its official launch in June 2015 being awarded with the coveted innovation prize from the SCAE at World of Coffee in Gothenburg, Sweden. The growing number of users joining the community daily show that growers and roasters are collaborating together to revolutionise the coffee trade.

Mission driven

Algrano is born out of a simple mission: Harness the power of new and existing information technologies to empower growers and roasters around the world. The Algrano team believes that by nurturing the positive effects of globalization we can all improve the transparent access to and the exchange of information to build global awareness and intercultural dialogue. This vision gave birth to a passion which connects people along the value chain from the field to the cup.

Coffee startup

Algrano’s mission has led the team to work with one of the most fascinating agricultural products bringing nature and humans together globally. Coffee is more than a product; it is a global language that transcends borders and brings people together around the globe to celebrate shared experiences.