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Meet Algrano

On a mission to balance the power dynamics in the coffee supply chain

Moving the industry

Every business idea starts with a problem to solve. We discovered our problem while travelling through coffee fields: Coffee producers don’t know who drinks their coffee. Do the harvested beans stay in Brazil, or go to Germany? Is it good or bad? Do consumers like it or not? 

When Algrano was born in 2015, we set out on a mission: to democratize the global coffee supply chain by connecting coffee producers directly with roasters online. While the mission is big, the beginnings were humble: Our very first shipment in December 2015 was a half-full container leaving Nicaragua with 4 coffee orders, shipped to Switzerland and Germany. 

Since then, Algrano has shipped several hundreds of (full!) containers of coffee from hundreds of growers in Latin America, Africa and Asia to hundreds of roasters in Europe. Our work is mainly background work: We assure the quality when the coffee travels, we are offering financing for roasters, and we are taking care of all the logistics – exporting, shipping, importing, warehousing and road transport is all on us. 

While shipping these containers, we discovered how much excel and phone calls are still involved in coffee trade. That is why in parallel, we developed the online platform that will bring the coffee industry into the 21st century. 

Join us, and move an industry by moving coffee – we are just getting started.

Meet Algranitos

Christian Burri
Product Manager

With a background in digital media and physics, Christian worked for a Swiss consulting company based in Santiago. Christian plans and manages the development of algrano’s online platform, and its marketing and communication activities.

Best coffee? Directly on the field, together with the producers.

Gilles Brunner
Sourcing and operations

Before working on development projects with Brazilian coffee growers, Gilles studied international relations. At algrano Gilles is the growers and exporters main contact. As a Q-grader he understands all the coffees on algrano.

Best coffee? TBD

Raphael Studer

During his PhD in economics, Raphael published academic articles on the modeling of human well-being. At algrano, he takes care of the well-being of the company: he is the CEO, heads the sales department, and is in charge of investor relations.

Best coffee? A sweet Aeropress in front of the surfvan shared with my family, overlooking the ocean

Florian Schaffner
CFO and Head of Data

Florian is Algrano's Chief Financial Officer and go-to person for anything related to data. He holds a PhD in Economics and has worked for major Swiss companies in the banking and insurance sector, focussing on Analytics, Machine Learning and Investment Performance.

Best coffee? A doppio in the morning, and a filtered coffee in the afternoon – brewed directly in Algrano's inhouse lab.

Maria Barikhina
Head of Marketing and Brand

Originally from Russia, now a citizen of the world. I’m passionate about marketing, brands, coffee and storytelling. I am a serious coffeeholic. I have 10 years of marketing experience and my professional purpose is to help people get inspired by the brands I work with. In my free time i do improv and live storytelling.

Best coffee? Aeropress coffee in a plane at 13 000m

Susanna Sarkki
Sales Manager Scandinavia & Southern Europe

Susanna has an MBA in International Business and her career background is in marketing and sales. She has worked in the sports, technology and food industry. At algrano, Susanna is responsible for sales and marketing in Scandinavia and Southern Europe.

Best coffee? Ice latte with oat milk on a hot summer day

Veronika Kečkéšová
Quality Manager & Sales Manager for Central Europe

Professional barista with a background in English language studies, Veronika makes sure that the green beans find their way to the right shelf, right file and the right person.

Best coffee? Filter, whatever place or setting. I enjoy it the most when there is no reason to rush.

Tom Booth
Sales Director UK

Tom has over 10 years experience in the UK coffee industry before joining Algrano in 2019. From cafe operations to training and heading up a sales team for a leading coffee roaster. Tom is our UK Sales Director, responsible for managing the Algrano platform for all roasters in the UK.

Best coffee? In the morning a flat white and in the afternoon a Chemex with a fresh and funky natural.

Zmago Devetak
Software engineer

Curious, kind and funny, and with a background in Economics and Informatics, Zmago builds new features for the algrano platform.

Best coffee? Filter coffee. Preferably at home, early in the morning.

Luiza Pereira Furquim
Discoveries Manager

Luiza worked as a journalist in Sāo Paulo, Brazil, until 2016 when she embraced coffee as a career. She started as a barista, moved to the UK and soon got involved in roasting. She was head roaster at Ancoats before joining algrano.

Best coffee? A Kalita from a clean natural with pineapple notes or, on tougher days, industrial quantities of a chocolatey and bright Guatemala brewed on a Curtis.

Davide Iaquinta
Sales Manager DACH/Italy

Davide holds a BSc in Economics from The Netherlands and worked at Microsoft in sales for two years. As an Italian, he has an innate passion for coffee. Davide is responsible for sales and marketing in the DACH countries and Italy at algrano.

Best coffee? An espresso in Naples.

Gert-Jan Eling
Operations Manager

Gert-Jan has a background in operations & logistics and worked previously in chemical, petrochemical, and mining industry. He is responsible for shipping coffee safely around the world to your doorstep.

Best coffee? A Chemex on a lazy Sunday morning.

Jon Kyte
Front-End Designer

Jon is a designer and front-end developer passionate about inclusive design and putting the user at the heart of what we do. Jon is responsible for the look and feel of the Algrano platform.

Best coffee? A flat white in a busy cafe whilst watching the world go by.

Simon Streit
Business Analyst

With a background in business innovation and experience in management consulting, Simon helps to define the future of Algrano products and processes by unifying customer needs, business goals and tech possibilities.

Best coffee? A cold brew arabica in a Siciliano cocktail!

Krystyna Waterhouse
Business Analyst

With a background in data analytics and tech/travel industries, Krystyna is passionate about a data-driven, user-led approach when shaping a product.

Best coffee? Nothing better than lingering over a pot of Chemex on a Sunday morning

Coen van Sprang
Customer Success Manager

All round coffee professional and Dutch barista champion. After his career as a barista, Coen worked around the world to expand his coffee knowledge as a quality manager, Q Grader and coffee roaster. At Algrano he supports roasters by helping them leverage the power of the platform to source coffees directly.

Best coffee? A rare variety or wildly fermented coffee, one that surprises and excites!

Jessica Giacetti
Quality Control Lab

Jessica has quite a deep background in coffee, starting from Italy, where she's from and where she started to be a barista&roaster in Venice, to London and Australia afterwards where she developed her skills and passion on specialty coffee. Now part of the Quality Control Lab team at Algrano! The other huge passion? Dogs! Currently studying to be a dog trainer as well.

Best coffee? It used to be espresso (of course, I'm Italian lol!) but now my deep love goes to a nice cup of v60..and cupping of course!

Eli Elisa Blaich
Sourcing Manager

With a masters degree in international trading and years of experience in the agricultural trading world across multiple countries, Eli possesses a broad range of knowledge across all aspects of international supply chains, trade finance and shipping. Coffee is her passion and she loves to connect to growers and their stories.

Best coffee? A filter coffee with tropical flavours made with love

Nikolett Grozdics
Graphic Designer

Experienced Graphic Designer skilled in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Arts (MA) degree focused in Graphic Design from Budapest Metropolitan University.

Best coffee? ☕️

Jenni Hirsso-Kailio
Junior operations officer

Jenni has a MBA and Bachelor of Engineering in logistics. She has years of working experience in a shipping and logistics companies in multiple roles. At Algrano she is responsible for transportations and warehousing in Europe.

Best coffee? Cappuccino in the morning served with a good breakfast

Eugenia Bertoni
UX/UI Designer & Front-end Developer

Eugenia enjoys taking complex problems and turning them into simple and meaningful user experiences. She also loves the logic and structure of coding and always strives to write elegant and efficient code.

Best coffee? A large cup of cappuccino served with a piece of chocolate

The Algrano world

12 countries

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16 languages

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that keeps us united

Meet the board

Mario Fontana

Mario was the Chairman of Swissquote Group Holding and Swissquote Bank. He was General Manager Financial Services worldwide and General Manager Computer Business at Helwett-Packard Europe & USA.

Adriaan Nühn

Adriaan is chairman of the supervisory board of JustEatTakeaway.com. Until 2008, he was CEO of Sara Lee International and chairperson of the executive board of Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts. 

Pascal Mathis

Pascal is a Founding Partner having co-initiated Wingman Ventures in 2017. He is as well Co-Founder of GetYourGuide, the world’s leading online booking platform for tours and attractions.

David Rosenberg

David is an independent consultant in sustainability, with focus on strategy and leadership incommodity supply chains and entrepreneurship in emerging markets. Previously he was director Sustainability at Ecom Agroindustrial and executive director of UTZ Certified.

Fabio Magagna

Fabio has 15+ years expertise in the ICT industry in various roles such as entrepreneur, researcher, consultant or manager in a large corporate. At the moment Fabio is Global Senior Product Manager at YouTube/Google and active as a business angel with his company BetaFarm.

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