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The 5th largest producer of Arabica in the world, this South American country is the biggest exporter of organic coffee with over 90 thousand certified organic hectares. Farms sit mainly on the Eastern slopes of the Andes on altitudes between 800 m and 2000 m above sea level. Peru is divided into 3 distinct regions: Costa (Coast), Sierra (Mountains) and Selva (Jungle). The coffee belt is referred to as Yunga or Selva Alta (High Jungle).

Coffee is one of the country’s main agricultural exports and grown in 450 districts, involving 223.902 families and creating 855 thousand jobs. The six main producing regions are Junín, San Martín, Cajamarca, Cusco, Amazonas y Huánuco. Together, they account for 91% of all Peruvian farms. The steep hillsides and tree coverage of the jungle area require handpicking, soaring the labour costs of the production and often offset by familiar labour. The average farm size is 3 hectares. Harvest runs from April to September.

Peru used to be known for coffees with a short shelf life. The green would simply not maintain its cup attributes for that long, a problem that has been linked to poorly dried coffee. As drying wasn’t even, the green would be unstable and tend to lose quality fast. This has been changing in the country in the last decade, especially since Peru embraced specialty as a strategy and began organizing Cup of Excellence in 2017. Better prices are motivating producers to invest in better practices and now Peruvian coffees are more and more consistent and stable. 

Algrano in Peru
Due to the commitment to their role in the supply chain, paying fairer prices for farmers (mainly through Fairtrade premiums) and encouraging social and environmental practices, only independent farms, cooperatives and associations are verified Algrano partners. Most of Algrano’s partners are based in Cajamarca, Amazonas and Junín. Many are young, innovative and quality-focused. Our Peruvian producers’ community nearly doubled in 2020, from 9 groups in 2019 to now 15 verified partners. In 2020, the platform partnered with the national organizers of Cup of Excellence to put off-listed lots on offer, all from small producers.

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    Origin Coffee Lab

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    Producers are the heart of what we do.

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    Cooperativa Agraria Norcafé Perú

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    Smallholder coop created by young growers

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  • Cooperativa Agraria Ecoforest

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    Producimos café en el nororiente peruano.

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