Sweet, full-bodied and certified coffees

SCA Score

82.75 - 85.25



Price (USD/kg)

$8.00 USD - $9.00 USD

Honduras is the biggest coffee-producing country in Central America with a landscape dominated by smallholders and cooperatives. The country reached its prominent position thanks to a robust national strategy to improve infrastructure and increase productivity that gained traction in the 1970s. The productivity boom wasn’t, however, immediately followed by good post-harvesting practices and Honduras was left with a reputation for big volume, low-quality coffee. Record-breaking scores in recent years of Cup of Excellence show this is changing and the country is gaining more attention from high-end roasters.

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There are 6 coffee-growing regions in the country: Copán, Opalaca, Montecillos, Comayagua, El Paraiso and Agalta. Copán, in the West, and Comayagua, in the heart of the country, lead Honduras’ production. The national grading system separates coffees according to altitude: the exportable grades are Strictly High Grown (SHG) for coffees grown above 1200 m above sea level and High Grown (HG) for coffees grown between 700 and 1200 m. Harvest runs from November to April. 

Traditionally, most coffees from Honduras are fully washed. In the cup, this origin shows a big body and intense sweetness, often followed by berry-like juiciness and mild acidity.  Quality has seen a jump in the last decade as well as the introduction of natural, honey and experimental processing methods, resulting in a wide variety of flavour profiles. Honduran coffees have become cleaner and more transparent but retain their characteristic texture and sweetness. The country is also one of the larger producers of Fairtrade and organic certified coffees, which are produced by cooperatives in large volumes.

Algrano in Honduras
Algrano has been working with Honduran cooperatives since 2017 when we first facilitated a purchase from COMSA (Café Orgánico Marcala) to a roaster in Europe. Since then, new cooperatives and exporters have been onboarded to the platform. The cooperatives offering on the platform are from the Western part of the country and spread around 4 departments: La Paz, Ocotepeque, Lempira and Copán. Together, they offer a good selection of certified blends, specialty coffees and single-farm lots.

Featured producers

  • Cafesmo Ocotepeque Honduras

    Offered by Cafesmo Ocotepeque Honduras Verified Seller

    Led by young growers. Quality & traceability

    • Honduras
    • Rainforest Alliance, Organic, FairTrade
  • Mancile Cafe

    Offered by Mancile Cafe Verified Seller

    • Honduras
    • Rainforest Alliance, Organic
  • GAIA

    Offered by GAIA Verified Seller

    • Honduras
    • Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, Organic
  • Benefício Santa Rosa

    Offered by Benefício Santa Rosa Verified Seller

    Transparency, tech support and wide country reach

    • Honduras
    • Organic, Organic Bio Suisse, C.A.F.E practices, Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, Organic