Costa Rica

The micro-mill revolution

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83.5 - 87.25



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$5.83 USD - $12.89 USD

Costa Rica is highly regarded for its quality and the invention of the honey process. The coffees from this origin tend to be bright, fruity and complex. Even the regional washed blends present clear berry and citrus notes. The small country, located between Nicaragua and Panamá, is also a famous surfing destination, famous for its beautiful beaches and biodiversity. Costa Rica is the second wealthiest country in Central America and has high production costs, which pushes the average coffee price up if compared to its neighbours. 

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Coffee arrived in Costa Rica in the late 18th century. It was first cultivated in the rich volcanic soils and favourable climatic conditions in the central Meseta region. The production has since flourished. In 2019, the country registered around 38.000 producers, most of them small. Production spreads around 8 regions: Central Valley, West Valley, Tarrazu, Tres Rios, Orosi, Brunca, Turrialba and Guanacaste. Today, over 70% of the country’s production is of specialty grade and the main buyers are the United States, Belgium and Germany. The harvest runs from December to March.

Thanks to the “micro-mill revolution” in the last two decades, Costa Rica also has one of the most democratic models of coffee production in the world. In a country where 90% of all producers grow less than 5 hectares of land, the number of micro-mill facilities on the farm has increased dramatically and continues to grow. Without this reliance on third-party millers, producers have been able to retain more of the value of their coffee. They also benefit from more freedom to experiment with innovative new processing methods.

Algrano in Costa Rica

The first offer from Costa Rica was uploaded by a producer on the platform in 2016. It was an 87 points honey micro-lot from the town of Naranjo in the Central Valley. The offers from this region have become much more diverse since then but the quality remains high. Algrano has partnered with different cooperatives in the country since that date in many of the main growing regions: West and Central Valleys, Tarrazu, Turrialba and Brunca. We also partner with exporters Coricafé for consolidations and with feminist organization Bean Voyage for offers of female produced coffees.

Featured coffees

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    Coopelibertad - Matinilla Fancy

    Coopelibertad R.L Verified Seller

    Costa Rica
    Fully washed
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    550 X 69 kg
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    10 bags

Featured producers

  • Coopeagri R.L.

    Offered by Coopeagri R.L. Verified Seller

    Traditional coop in Pérez Zeledón w/ high quality

    • Costa Rica
    • Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade
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    Doga Coffee

    Offered by Doga Coffee Verified Seller

    100% Arabica coffee from Tarrazú

    • Costa Rica
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    Offered by STC Sustainable Trading Company S.A. Verified Seller

    • Costa Rica
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    Finca Organica Lecanto

    Offered by Finca Organica Lecanto Verified Seller

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    • Organic