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The best of Campos Altos 2021 auction

Algrano partnered with CAPECA, a coffee co-operative in the highest part of Cerrado Mineiro in Brazil, to give lucky roasters the chance to cup the best of the region. There are only 13 sets of samples in Europe and you can join the auction!

The Cooperativa Agropecuária de Campos Altos (CAPECA) in Minas Gerais, Brazil, is inviting European roasters to take part in their 6th auction on November 4th. On this date, a small roster of buyers will have the chance to buy the best coffees selected by the co-operative’s quality competition. Only 13 European roasters registered on the platform will have access to samples thanks to a partnership between Algrano and CAPECA. If you are reading this, you are one of the lucky ones. 


Why Campos Altos?

Campos Altos (High Grounds in Portuguese) is the highest microregion in Cerrado Mineiro, West of Minas Gerais, with altitudes of up to 1200 m above sea level. A buffer zone between Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, Campos Altos has a rich biome and a good rainfall index that makes irrigation systems unnecessary. The region is surrounded by four mountain ranges: Serra da Canastra, Serra da Saudade, Serra do Urubu and Serra do Salitre. The average temperature ranges from 18.6℃  to 19.5℃.

The region’s potential for quality is recognised both internally and abroad. In 2020, Campos Altos produced around 150,000 60 kg bags of coffee, most of which were exported. There are roughly 15 million coffee trees being cultivated in an area of 9,135.7 hectares. Campos Altos' history in coffee dates back to the early 20th century and the coffee sector is the main source of jobs for locals. 

The competition and an exclusive partnership with Algrano

Algrano was contacted by Bruno Antonio Franco, owner of Inhame Farm and manager of CAPECA, earlier in 2021 to invite European buyers to their auction. Due to COVID, only a few roasters have visited the cooperative this year, making it harder for farmers to access buyers that reward their efforts towards excellence. To support CAPECA’s competition and boost its reach, Algrano will distribute samples to a small selection of roasters chosen by our Relationship Managers.

In September, a team of Q-Graders selected by CAPECA cupped and ranked 64 lots submitted by local coffee producers: 48 naturals and 16 pulped naturals. The jury chose the six best coffees in each category. “We received a super diverse range of coffees with sensory profiles going from rum, wine and yellow fruits (naturals) to spices, cocoa, honey and citrus (pulped natural). And we can definitely see an improvement in quality from previous years”, says Bruno.

How it works

You will receive around 10 samples of green coffee with a code, a category (natural or pulped natural) and the number of bags available. Samples need to be roasted and cupped by the 1st of November. After choosing your favourite lot(s), send your bid(s) to luiza@algrano.com. Luiza Furquim, a Brazilian native and Algrano’s Content Manager, will represent buyers during the auction and submit their bids to CAPECA. 

The minimum bid is R$ 1.500,00 per 60 kg sack (approximately US$ 300,00 or US$ 5,00/kg ). Lot sizes vary from three to five bags and roasters don’t have to purchase the entire volume. In the last auction, in 2019, the highest price paid was US$ 830,00 per sack (US$ 13,84/kg) and the average winning bid was US$ 460,00 per sack (US$ 7,67/kg). Bids are farmgate and an exporting fee of US$ 25,00 - US$ 50,00 per sack (US$ 0,41 - US$ 0,83/kg) will be added to the final price.  

A ceremony will take place later in the auction day to announce the winning bids. Roasters will be informed of the result immediately via email with an FCA offer and contract. The FOB and FCA will be confirmed as soon as the purchase is made official with CAPECA. The coffees will be exported by the co-operative on a shared shipment scheduled for December. The estimated delivery month is March. 

10% of the purchase value of all coffees will be donated to a charity for homeless people in Campos Altos.

Key dates

Send bids by: 01.11.2021
Auction: 04.11.2021, 4 pm BRT (9 pm CET)
Duration: 1 hour
Winners announcement: 04.11.21, 8 pm BRT (12 am CET)
Shipment: December 2021
ETD: March 2022
More information: luiza@algrano.com

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