Fazenda Inhame

Brazil Single farm
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Inhame is a farm based in Campos Altos, the highest altitude area in Cerrado Mineiro, Minas Gerais. The average altitude of the municipality is 1,100 masl and Inhame goes up to 1,200 masl. The farm is owned by 5th generation farmer Bruno Antonio Franco and his father Marcos and has been on the family for over 50 years. Of a total of 650 has of land, 100 has are dedicated to coffee. The plantation has varieties like Catuai 144, Catuai 51, Catiguá MG 3, Topázio and Catucai 2SL. Campos Altos has a unique terroir in Cerrado: the municipality makes the transition from the Western border of the Atlantic Forest biome to the Cerrado biome. Campos Altos State Park, with over 700 has of Atlantic Forest, is on the eastern border of the municipality. A few kilometres Northwest of the city, typical Cerrado areas begin. Coffee entered the region on slopes previously covered by the Atlantic Forest, only to climb much later to the Cerrado plateaus. The average annual temperature varies between 18.6° and 19.5°. Inhame is also UTZ certified and complies with strict environmental and labour regulations, such as: protecting natural ecosystems, preventing erosion and deforestation, maintaining wildlife corridors and protecting endangered species, conserving water and protecting local waterways, safeguarding nearby protected areas, improving soil fertility, managing solid waste, and using integrated pest management techniques to reduce the use of pesticides. Workers must be at least fifteen years old; they must be paid at least the legal minimum wage and overtime rates and must have access to healthcare, and education.

Coffee production
  • Production area
  • Harvest period
  • Altitude range
    1100m - 1200m
  • Average annual production
    5500 Bags of 60kg
  • Arabica varieties
    Catuai Amarelo
    Catuai Vermelho
    catucai 2 sl
  • Robusta varieties

    No data

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  • 5 Average orders per roaster
  • 3 Roaster relationships
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Trusted by
Pennine Tea and Coffee Ltd
Bruno Antonio Franco
Owner and manager
Marcos Franco
Owner and manager
UTZ Certified
  • 2019 finalista concurso florada premiada
  • 2019 finalista concurso campeões expocaccer edição 2019
  • 2018 5º lugar categoria natural, 3º concurso de qualidade do café de Campos Altos - MG
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inhame 01 17/18 Natural

Offered by Fazenda Inhame Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • Natural/Sun Dried
  • 83.25 points
Inhame 2 14-15 Natural

Offered by Fazenda Inhame Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • Natural/Sun Dried
  • 82.5 points

Offered by Fazenda Inhame Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • Other
  • 84.75 points
Free samples available
inhame 3 Pb - Natural

Offered by Fazenda Inhame Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • Natural/Sun Dried
  • 82.75 points

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Eucalipto - 90 Hours Fermented Micro-lot (code 107354)

Offered by Fazenda Inhame Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • Natural/Sun Dried
  • 84.75 points
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