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Algrano Market Trends Report 2023

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How Specialty Roasters Are Sourcing Coffee Today

What are the challenges of specialty coffee roasters in the current economy? How are they being addressed? What are the resulting trends? How are they impacting coffee producers?

These are some of the questions answered by Algrano’s third Market Trends Report, dedicated to the specialty coffee segment. 

The report explores the economic and environmental context behind the sourcing decisions of roasters in Europe and, for the first time, the USA.

Why Read the Report

The report is authored by writer, researcher and teacher Erika Koss, an American social scientist and sustainability expert. 

The data comes from a survey completed by 86 independent roasteries and in-depth interviews with 11 green coffee buyers of long-standing roasting companies in Europe and the USA.

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For Producers

  • Learn what types of coffee roasters want to buy.
  • Understand the realities of your buyers in two key markets. 
  • Improve your communication with customers. 

For Roasters

  • Learn how leading roasteries are facing today’s economic challenges.
  • Understand consumer demand to better plan for the future.
  • Get insights about coffee quality, sustainability and prices.

Insights from Industry Leaders

Inside the Trends Report

Nearly 60% of roasters sourced more green coffee despite higher prices.

However, consumers’ reaction to global inflation is driving caution for the future. Economic disruption
has made 61% more risk-averse when purchasing green coffee.

Quality is the top sourcing criterion. But relationships with producers are essential. 

Nearly all roasters chose quality as a main sourcing factor. This doesn’t outweigh partnerships. 84% believe relationships with producers are essential long-term.

For 45% of roasters, consumers want coffees that are more accessible in taste and price.

Some are simplifying their menus and reducing the number of Single Origin coffees. Others are introducing less complex or darker roasts as affordable options.

Requests for sustainable, ethical or transparent coffee are drivers for 51% of roasters.

47% invested more in direct trade and in promoting how they buy coffee and 45% of roasters further asked their suppliers about transparency or traceability.

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