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Algrano Market Trends Review 2022

Relationships emerge as big trend after price boom

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About the Research

The new Algrano Market Review highlights the stabilising effect of long-term relationships on coffee supply and prices with more than 60% of surveyed coffee roasters and producers wanting to invest more in direct trade practices in 2022.

This is the second yearly review to be published by the digital sourcing ecosystem Algrano with the objective to make information about differentiated coffees widely accessible to the industry for free.

In total, 54 roasters from 13 countries in Europe and 76 producers from 15 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia provided information for the report.

On top of that, 26 roasters, producers and representatives of organisations in the coffee sector were interviewed. If you want to know what these industry leaders are thinking, this is your chance! 

Geographic  representation  of  producer  survey respondents

Geographic  representation  of  roaster  survey respondents

What you will learn from the report

  • Top sourcing and production criteria
  • Key challenges for roasters and producers
  • The impact of the market rally on roasters and producers
  • Sourcing and production plans for 2022
  • Strategies adopted to manage shipping delays and quality issues
  • Product diversification drivers
  • Consumer preferences and roasters’ ability to forecast 
  • Traceability flaws and the need for new sustainability tools

Research Partners

Elisa Criscione

Elisa is the creator of Digital Coffee Future and the Founder and Lead Consultant of Expressing Origin, a consultancy that supports coffee stakeholders to digitalize their value chains and tech providers to improve their solutions. 

Nora Burkey

Nora is the founder of The Chain Collaborative, a non-profit in the coffee sector that invests in local leaders around the world to develop and implement community projects for livelihood improvements. She is part of the Creator's Group for the Coffee Sustainability Program of the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). 

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