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Buy seasonal coffees and check-out online

Join hundreds of European roasters who are buying anything upwards of one bag from the origin during the harvest time. Check out online now and pay later, pre-contract your core coffees, manage rebuys easily and sign contracts digitally.

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Tune in to the harvest and source from the origins that are in season now

Coffee lots offered on Algrano are not sitting in a warehouse in Europe. They are being harvested, processed and dry-milled. This is why offers on the platform follow the harvest season and origins are not all available at one time. 

  • See all planned offer periods in advance. Algrano schedules them around the harvest time with all sellers. After that, we “close the container” and prepare to export
  • Have 6 weeks to cup and compare coffees from the same origin. Larger blends can be available for longer and shipped at different times
  • Secure coffee before SPOT offers become available for everyone else
  • Know when the coffee was harvested and how fresh it will be when it gets to you 

Browse fresh coffees

Order fresh samples that come from producers, not warehouses

Algrano’s lab acts as a sample distribution hub for producers in more than 14 countries. We receive, cup and store them in Switzerland so they get to you faster. Go to your favourite coffee lots, choose the sample size, add a bag to your sample cart and check-out for free.
  • From the farm to any country in Europe
  • Receive a box for free within 1-3 working days from shipping
  • Find data on all sample orders on your dashboard at all times
  • Give feedback to the producer directly 

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Check-out easily with paperless contracts and instant financing

Secure coffee autonomously 24/7 without any paperwork or scattered emails. Always have the information you need at hand and instantly configure order and logistic services according to your needs.
  • Order anything from one bag. Choose the volume you need and all the costs in the price breakdown will be automatically updated.
  • Buy now, pay later. Choose your currency and payment terms, apply for financing and be granted the initial credit limit instantly.
  • Review and sign contracts digitally. Have all important documents stored and accessible on your account.
  • On-demand warehousing services: after the first free storage month, pay only for the services you need and optimise your costs with our cost projection tool. Away with the logistics costs black box!  

Plan the rebuy of your favourite coffees and contract before the harvest even starts

You don't have to pre-contract when buying on Algrano. However, planning rebuys and ordering ahead helps you cherry-pick the best lots and get better deals. It also gives security to producers and contributes to a sustainable supply chain. This is how the big boys do it and now you can do it too.
  • Secure the coffees your customers love and keep them coming back.
  • Help producers plan their sales and become a priority buyer.
  • Contract now and confirm on approval of the PSS. If the quality of the pre-shipment coffee isn't what you expected you are free to cancel.
  • Algrano informs producers about all rebuys ahead of harvest. If you don't want the same coffee, we help you find the best fit.

Track your orders in real time

Why wonder where your coffee is or struggle trying to remember in which folder you saved a contract? With Algrano, you can see everything in one tab on your computer with updates in real time. 

  • Have full shipment visibility on all steps of the way. Track the stages of your order from PSS approval to exporting and fully delivered.
  • Store contracts and invoices on the same place next to coffee lot and producer information with links to photo galleries.
  • Download producer one-sheets and all key documents.

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