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El proyecto fue seleccionado por el programa startup Brasil. Paralelamente, el equipo le dio la bienvenida a Fabio, quien comenzó a desarrollar la plataforma completa desde cero.


Lanzamiento de algrano en el World of Coffee en Gotemburgo, Suecia. La plataforma obtuvo el reconocido premio a las tecnologías de la información e innovación tecnológica, otorgado por la Asociación de especialidad de café de Europa.


The founders move back to Switzerland after a year being close to producers in the Brazilian coffee fields.


Traded volumes increase, a second employee joins the team to support in managing logistics and back office tasks.


Algrano launches a semi-automatized logistic back-end to increase efficiency in contract execution and on its buyers’ end.


FairTrade joins forces with algrano to build a new way of trading coffee. Algrano launches the first fully transparent and customizable supply chain for roasters. Additionally, algrano hires the first sales manager to increase expansion speed.


Algrano attracts the interest of several private investors and raises >CHF2m to finance its expansion strategy and moves its office from Zug to Zürich.


Algrano becomes a team of 13 employees including experts in software development, design, marketing and sales, coffee quality and logistics.


Algrano has signed up 527 European roasters, 563 producers and 74 cooperatives


Conozca al equipo

Christian Burri

Producto y marketing

Christian tiene experiencia en medios digitales y física. Combinando estas habilidades, planifica y gestiona el desarrollo de la plataforma en línea de algrano y se encarga de nuestras actividades comunicacionales y de marketing. Antes de formar parte de algrano, Christian trabajó en una empresa de consultoría suiza con sede en Santiago, Chile.

Best coffee? Directly on the field, together with the producers.

Gilles Brunner

Abastecimiento y alianzas

Gilles estudió Relaciones internacionales y luego se unió al mundo del café cuando comenzó a trabajar para una comercializadora de café con sede en Suiza y Brasil. En algrano Gilles se encarga del abastecimiento y del desarrollo de alianzas. Él es el contacto principal de productores y exportadores.

Best coffee? On the farm!

Raphael Studer

Finanzas y ventas

Raphael tiene un PhD en Economía y tiene una vasta experiencia en el desarrollo de negocios. En algrano Raphael administra las finanzas y es el contacto principal de los tostadores. Antes de unirse a algrano, Raphael trabajó en una empresa comercializadora de energía en Berna, Suiza.

Best coffee? A sweet Aeropress in front of the surfvan shared with my family, overlooking the ocean

Veronika Kečkéšová

Quality manager

Professional barista with a background in English language studies, Veronika makes sure that the green beans find their way to the right shelf, right file and the right person.

Best coffee? Filter, whatever place or setting. I enjoy it the most when there is no reason to rush.

Patrick Switzer


A Canadian World Champion downhill skateboard racer, professional barista and NŸCHA Kombucha Co-Founder/Brewer. At algrano, Patrick empowers coffee growers and roasters through collaboration, events and trips.

Best coffee? A natural filter with hints of fermenty-funk!

Susanna Sarkki

Sales Manager

Susanna has an MBA in International Business and her career background is in marketing and sales. She has worked in the sports, technology and food industry. At algrano, Susanna is responsible for sales and marketing in the Nordic countries.

Best coffee? Cappuccino with Oat milk

Tom Booth

Sales Director UK

Tom has over 10 years experience in the UK coffee industry before joining Algrano in 2019. From cafe operations to training and heading up a sales team for a leading coffee roaster. Tom is our UK Sales Director, responsible for managing the Algrano platform for all roasters in the UK.

Best coffee? In the morning a flat white and in the afternoon a Chemex with a fresh and funky natural.

Megi Jaupi

Data Analyst

While finishing her Master degree in Quantitative Finance, Megi uses financial knowledge to ask business relevant questions and answers them with meaningful analyses based on the platform’s data.

Best coffee? An espresso, at some local coffee shop in northern Italy

Fabio Kuhn

Desarrollador de software

Fabio es un talentoso desarrollador de software de Basilea que decidió establecerse en Samaipata, en lo alto de las montañas de Bolivia. Fabio se unió a algrano a fines de 2014 desde su puesto de avanzada en Bolivia y ha estado a cargo del desarrollo de la plataforma desde entonces. Antes de unirse a algrano, Fabio viajó por América del Sur.

Best coffee? A single origin coffee best as a filter brew in a nice coffee shop where it's freshly roasted.

Zmago Devetak

Platform engineer

Curious, kind and funny, and with a background in Economics and Informatics, Zmago builds new features for the algrano platform.

Best coffee? Filter coffee. Preferably at home, early in the morning.

Laura Gonzalez

Service Designer

Laura comes from Medellín in Colombia. As a service designer, she is improving the algrano experience for coffee roasters and coffee producers around the world.

Best coffee? Filter coffee. Exploring new places! Going around the city, searching for new coffee shops and tasting different origins.

Nadine Schalbetter

Logistics and Administration

Adventurous, straightforward and helpful, Nadine takes care of administration and coordinates the logistics together with the cooperatives.

Best coffee? At algrano, where it is always a surprise what flavour you get and what the story is behind the coffee.

Piotr Klosinski

Platform engineer

Self-taught software engineer, with a curiosity for all things web and pragmatic approach to creating software. Responsible for helping create the best technical solutions at algrano.

Best coffee? I'm only about to discover a true taste of coffee that's nothing like the commercially sold ones. As of now, quality mate blend serves me best.

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