PE-39-201907 Past harvest


  • $5.5116 USD / kg FOB Conventional (no certification)
  • $5.9525 USD / kg FOB FairTrade
  • $6.173 USD / kg FOB Organic
  • $6.6139 USD / kg FOB FairTrade + Organic
Process type
Altitude range
1210m - 1800m
Harvest period
July, 2019 - July, 2019
Seller's cupping score (SCA)
86.5 points
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Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples Juan Marco El Palto - JUMARP
Produced & offered by Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples Juan Marco El Palto - JUMARP
  • Peru
  • Cooperative
  • UTZ Certified, FairTrade, Organic
  • 62 sales on Algrano
  • 2 Average orders per roaster
  • 37 Roaster relationships
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"About Carranza - This coffee is full bodied, sweet, vibrant and aromatic. Tastes very clean for a natural processed coffee with balanced acidity from the fermentation. Intense fruity aromas. Popular to brew as filter as well as espresso."


"We are roasting and selling coffee from Jumarp since we started our roastery in 2017. Our customers and we love this coffee!"

Dave van Eif, Dave's Koffiebranderij
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Dave's Koffiebranderij

JUMARP is a coffee coop located in the Amazonian Andes of the northern of Peru. We were founded by 35 small farmers at 2003; nowadays we are over 300 partners. We invested in wet mill, storage, and cupping lab infrastructure. Also JUMARP use the premium to supply members with fertilizers, and hands-on training through on-farm visits. We made all this hard work to provide the best Green coffee and continue improving the lives of all the cooperative’s members. Our Cup quality Coffee El Palto is known as a coffee with excellent body, elegant and balanced flavor with fine acidity. Under the SCA rating system our standard FTO coffee’s rating is in 82 – 84 range, while our micro lots rating surpasses 84 -87 cup score.

Coffee Quality Evaluation
Algrano (Pending)
Cupped: N/A
Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples Juan Marco El Palto - JUMARP
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Cupped: August, 2019
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