Verified Sellers

A Verified seller is an Algrano certification proving that coffee farms and groups have a well-established and sustainable business producing quality coffee.

Benefits for Verified Sellers

As a Verified Seller you will have more visibility and selling potential. A Verified seller label is a sign of trust and celebration of transparency and quality.

Sell more coffees

We will add a Verified Seller label to your profile and listing so your coffees can stand out.

Build new relationships

Your profile gets more visibility and will be featured in a dedicated list and there's even a search filter to find Verified Sellers.

Create coffee lots

You will be able to create coffee lots on the platform yourself to showcase your coffee.

How to become verified

To be certified as a Verified Seller, you need to follow 3 steps to provide information about your business and coffees

  • Complete basic profile & story

    Have your profile ready with information about your business and its unique story

  • Submit application form

    Let us know more about your business by submitting the application form

  • Assess coffee quality

    Let us sample your coffee to make sure it matches our high expectations

Business stability

You have a well-established business, can provide an FOB price for your coffees and explain the post-harvest process

Experienced seller

You can provide 2 buyer references, own an export license or have access to an exporter and have been exporting for at least 2 years

Motivation & understanding

You are willing to establish relationships with roasters and understand Algrano's basic rules

Coffee quality

Matching flavour profile, more than 80 points and 0 primary defects

Algrano does not guarantee the above mentioned requirements. The seller itself is responsible that the content provided on Algrano is true.

Our producers from verified sellers

350 producers from verified sellers

Map view

Offered by Minasul Verified Seller

  • Brazil
  • 4C, UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance
Xoxohuico and Paredón

Offered by Xoxohuico and Paredón Verified Seller

Specialty Green Coffee winner of several contests
  • Mexico
Zukuka Bora Coffee Company

Offered by Zukuka Bora Coffee Company Verified Seller

  • Uganda
Cooperativa Agraria Ecológica Cafetalera De Lonya Grande

Offered by Cooperativa Agraria Ecológica Cafetalera De Lonya Grande Verified Seller

  • Peru
  • FairTrade, UTZ Certified, Organic, C.A.F.E practices
San Fernando Farm

Offered by San Fernando Farm Verified Seller

  • Colombia
El Buen Pastor

Offered by El Buen Pastor Verified Seller

The altitude, pristine shadow pine trees
  • Honduras

Offered by AMAZONAS COFFEE FRIENDS Verified Seller

  • Peru
  • FairTrade, Organic
Finca La Plata

Offered by Finca La Plata Verified Seller

  • Nicaragua


  • Brazil
  • FairTrade