Cooperativa Agraria Ecoforest
$7.95 USD / kg FOB Conventional
$8.1145 USD / kg FOB Organic
$9.3927 USD / kg FOB FairTrade + Organic
  • $7.95 USD / kg FOB Conventional
  • $8.1145 USD / kg FOB Organic
  • $9.3927 USD / kg FOB FairTrade + Organic
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Catimor, Catuaí
Process type
Fully washed
Altitude range
1080m - 1800m
Harvest period
May, 2022 - November, 2022
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
84.25 points
Updated August, 2022

"Por la cosecha selectiva, variedad y horas de fermentación." - Cooperativa Agraria Ecoforest, August, 2022

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The coffee story

The committees of La Cascarilla, El Huaco, Romerillo and El Triunfo are made up of 83 coffee-producing families. Ecoforest has helped establish the best agricultural practices so that farmers deliver a better product every time. All producers have Fairtrade and Organic certifications, after a strict certification process. The height of the productive plots varies between 1080 meters to 1800 meters.

The process

Selective, Mechanical pulped, Fermented in 18 hours.
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