BioCafe: Franciny Vargas

Bean Voyage: Womxn-Powered Coffee

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Costa Rica
caturra, catuai
Process type
Altitude range
1500m - 1500m
Harvest period
February, 2020 - February, 2020
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
83.0 points
Updated April, 2020
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The coffee story

Franciny runs a mill with her husband Kenneth in Tarrazu. One of the oldest mills in the region, it was founded in 2003 and have transitioned to producing almost only specialty coffee 3 years ago. Being the pioneer in producing and processing coffee in the region, their family provides support to their neighbors in the region from providing them with wet-mill support to dry-mill services. Franciny has recently also taken a new project to roast her own coffee, as well as create products with coffee. She has a delicious recipe for coffee chocolates, coffee liquor as well as cajeta - traditional sweets from Costa Rica - that are popular among her neighbors. 

The process

black honey, dried partially on patio then on raised beds