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Intenso Yeast Controlled Fermentation

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  • $7.66 USD / kg FOB Rainforest Alliance
Bourbon, Kent
Process type
Altitude range
1350m - 1880m
Harvest period
October, 2019 - October, 2019
Seller's cupping score (SCA)
85.5 points
Updated November, 2019
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Produced & offered by Edelweiss Oldeani Estate & Finagro Plantations Ltd
  • Tanzania
  • Group of farms
  • Rainforest Alliance
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Specialty coffees coexisting with african wildlife

Two farms on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. (Two wildly different flavours of coffee.) One ethos of sustainability and stewardship. Heritage and innovation combine on the Edelweiss and Finagro coffee farms, bringing decades of family farming experience to bear through invention and originality. We are creating bold, smooth, aromatic flavours and experimenting with new, complex original blends which break the traditional coffee mold and give our customers a taste of the new normal. A deep love of the land, an affinity with the local communities and a special appreciation for the African wildlife who visit the farms daily is at the core of our operations. We recognise the importance of preserving and carefully managing this wild, spectacular landscape to ensure the farms will operate for generations to come, and we continue to coexist with the elephants and buffalo into the future. We want our customers to know that sustainability, quality, ingenuity and reliability are much more than words; they embody our personality and existence, making every aspect of Edelweiss and Finagro, a true coffee safari. We are a family business. Our business only thrives because of the hard work of our employees and the loyalty of our customers. Honesty, integrity, reliability and humility are the foundation of all our relationships and a direct representation of who we are. We work to build trust and confidence and are proud that over many years relationships have become friendships, with a feeling of working towards a sustainable future together. At Edelweiss and Finagro Estates we aspire to be a major global coffee supplier, harnessing the power of experience, pedigree and passion with invention and originality to produce unique, bold coffees. We are stewards of our land, local communities and African wildlife and farm in harmony with nature to ensure a truly sustainable, new future for Tanzanian coffee. We strive to protect the land, farm in harmony with the African wildlife and provide for the local communities into the future while producing exceptional coffee. Through harnessing our heritage and generations of experience and embracing innovation and experimentation, our mission is to embody sustainability in all we do.

Coffee Quality Evaluation
Algrano (Pending)
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Edelweiss Oldeani Estate & Finagro Plantations Ltd
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Cupped: November, 2019
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Algrano (Pending)
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This nano-lot from Finagro Plantations was produced by adding yeast to the pulped cherries in a controlled environment. The fermentation process results in notes of red fruits and berries in the cup with a prominent acidity and complexity. This is the first year we experiment with yeast fermentation. For this lot, we chose a yeast called Intenso (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) from Lalcafé, intended to increase fruity flavours, mouthfeel and general cup quality. We found a tropical aroma and notes of ripe red fruit, apple, dark chocolate and a hint of rum supported by a smooth mouthfeel. According to Lalcafé, the Intenso yeast leads to "higher expression of terroir-driven flavours, the fruity characters, of overall quality notes and a decrease of bitterness and astringency perception even with a wet process with a short maceration duration". Due to the freshness of the sample - this coffee was processed at a later stage of the harvest season - you might also find notes of green tea as this coffee is still unlocking its potential. We have cupped this coffee 3 times so far in different stages of harvest and as both type and fully processed samples. It can be strange and puzzling (in a nice way) because the flavours are constantly developing. It's like watching a child grow...
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