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Kent, Bourboun
Process type
Altitude range
1560m - 1640m
Harvest period
September, 2019 - September, 2019
Seller's cupping score (SCA)
83.5 points
Updated September, 2019

"During cupping this coffee presented a fruity and spicy aroma. Notes of plum with medium acidity, a coating mouthfeel and a hint of rum. This selected honey processed coffee was carefully dried under the sun on African raised beds. The ripe cherries are pulped with no water, leaving most of the mucilage around the parchment. The beans are later dried for up to 23 days depending on the weather. After drying the coffee is stored with the mucilage prior to hulling using an Indian coffee huller with no heat. This process increases the sweetness and fruit notes, making them more dominant in the cup." - Glenmalure Farm, September, 2019

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