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Black Honey Tuxpal Blend

  • Conventional (no certification): $5.4014 USD / kgFOB est.
  • Rainforest Alliance: $5.6218 USD / kgFOB est.

  • Origin: El Salvador
  • Variety: Pacas, Bourbon
  • Process type: Honey
  • Available quantity: 90 bags est.
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  • Available for shipping from Apr, 2021 to Jun, 2021.
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The coffee story

This lot is produced with coffees from our own farms as well as farms of neighbouring producers who have a long-term relationship with Café Tuxpal and meet the agricultural and environmental quality standards we require.

History of Café Tuxpal
Almost 93 years have passed since our ancestor, Petrona Palacios de Diaz put down a payment on a beautiful land in the Santa Ana volcano called “El Retiro”. She bought this land with the purpose of starting a family legacy in coffee and covered the land with bourbon coffee trees to start off her adventure.

Some years later, this land was inherited by her daughter, Petrona Diaz de Pacas, who kept working the land. The family went up to the farm frequently as the coffee forest grew all around. When it was time, divided the farm into three parts, which she gave to her three sons. Federico Pacas Diaz, the eldest, named his new plot after the former owners… Santa Petrona.

The hard work that was put into the farm was not forgotten, and Federico worked the land as his mother and grandmother had before him. He went up with his own family, took it upon himself to improve yields, plant trees for shade, improve the microclimate, and start producing coffee that represented this family legacy. This included the acquisition of more farms, expanding his own territory, and exploring other lands, climates and altitudes.

Beneficio Tuxpal

In 1999, Federico built Beneficio Tuxpal, a wet mill that was and is still used to process coffees with all the traditional and new methods, that really amount to producing high-quality coffees. Innovation has always been an important part of this family, in the search for improving the way it produces and processes coffee.

In 2012, his own son, Federico Pacas Lopez took over operations and focused on producing specialty coffee for export. This was a challenge, as 2012 was a year full of leaf rust and when the price crisis in coffee had already started. However, hope was not lost and the farm stands to this day as a symbol of our resilience.

The process

For this method, only the outer skin of the cherries is removed and no washing or rinsing is done. This results in the honey-like mucilage covering the parchment to caramelize as it is set to dry. The amount of mucilage and color of the dry honey is used to name each process more specifically, as yellow or gold, red or black honey processes. The coffee dries on raised beds with a periodic and constant movement for no less than 12 days. We have our own dry mill where we hull, sort and grade the coffees, categorizing them by size, shape and density and using a UV light to spot defects and remove them from the batch.
Produced & offered by Cafe Tuxpal
  • El Salvador
  • Mill
  • Rainforest Alliance
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Traditional coffee family w/ quality focus

Our family has been producing coffee since the 19th century when José Rosa Pacas bought his first farm in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range in El Salvador where he planted Bourbon varietal trees. Six generations later, coffee remains our true passion and inspiration, while we keep improving our methods, quality and diversity to obtain maximum excellence in coffee. In 1958, our ancestor Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa noticed an unusual shrub growing among bourbon coffee trees in Finca San Rafael. After consulting with friends and a thorough investigation in the University of Florida, it was determined that this was a natural mutation from bourbon coffee trees, resulting in a new coffee varietal. Nowadays, the Pacas varietal is most known for its cross with the Maragogype varietal, called Pacamara.

  • Process type
  • Altitude range
    1000m - 1300m
  • Harvest period
    November, 2021 - April, 2022
  • Average yearly production in bags

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