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Gasharu CWS Natural Gr A1 - Nyamasheke - Western Province

  • Conventional (no certification): $7.25 USD / kgFOB est.

  • Origin: Rwanda
  • Variety: Bourbon
  • Process type: Natural/Sun Dried
  • Available quantity: 100 bags est.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 50 bags
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  • Available for shipping from Mar, 2021 to Sep, 2021.

The coffee story

Name: Gasharu CWS
Location: Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke district, Western Province
Foundation year: 2014
Manager: Valentin Kimenyi
Number of farmers: 1650
Production: Up to 8 containers
Processing methods:  Natural, Washed, Honey and Anaerobic experiments
Altitude of the farms: 1600 - 2100 masl
Altitude of the CWS: 1670 masl
Average yearly rainfall: 1300-1400 mm
Soil: Acidic Soil
Projects: Support farmers in organizing as cooperatives and train them in governance and finances so that they can have savings for the future
Cup profile: Gingerbread, cinnamon, apple pie, ripe red fruit (hint of tropical fruits), cacao nibs with high sweetness, smooth body and rum-like aftertaste

Sorting cherries after delivery

About Gasharu CWS: Coffee plantations in the Gasharu region benefit from their proximity to the continuous of Nyungwe National Park. They get a good amount of rainfall to make the cherries juicier and the coffee fruity.

Throughout the year, Gasharu Coffee holds small group meetings with coffee farmers to catch up on life, discuss the challenges in farming and to discuss opportunities. Though my father and owner of the company Celestin is not an agronomist, he has always received calls from coffee farmers to advise on farming and processing due to his experience in farming. Today I am giving farming advice too. I am one of his nine sons and I  have both farming experience and academic training as an agronomist. I provide more scientific-based farming and harvesting guidance whenever needed.

Read more about Gasharu here.

“The 1994 genocide against the Tutsis that got nearly 1,000,000 Tutsis killed and many people fleeing the country was a tragic experience and devastating for my family. Many local partners were killed, others fled the country and my family left Rwanda and spent four years at Ijwi Island in the Lake Kivu, a part that belongs to the Democratic Republic of Congo and is the second-largest inland island in Africa. In 1998, my parents Marie and Celestin with their six children returned to Rwanda and restarted the business from zero. The coffee farms were intact but getting started again was extremely difficult, having lost the majority of our partners, no cash in hand and with my grandmother no longer in good health...”

Not many Rwandese people drink coffee, but we always enjoy a cup at the washing station

The process

The cherries selected for this lot are collected at altitudes between 1700 m and 2100 m. When they are received at the washing station they are sorted and floated to ensure consistent and good density beans are separated from the others. These beans undergo intense sorting at the pre-drying tables and are later dried on the raised African beds for 25-30 days. Once dried, the coffee is well kept and stored in good conditions before being hulled and sorted by well-trained women and then packed in GrainPro and Jute bags for export. The processing at the washing station is carried out by young coffee farmers and the sorting on tables by slightly older coffee farmers, mainly women, providing them with more income.
  • Process type
    Natural/Sun Dried
  • Altitude range
    1600m - 2100m
  • Harvest period
    February, 2021 - July, 2021

Coffee Quality Evaluation

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Gasharu Coffee
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SCA Score
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Key flavor notes
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Cinnamon, Red ripe fruit, Apple pie, Tropical fruit, Cacao nibs, Ginger bread
Quality comment
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Gasharu Coffee

Gasharu Coffee

Young producer, innovative, driven by quality

The story of Gasharu Coffee goes back to 1976 when 17 years-old Celestin Rumenerangabo, my father, planted his first coffee trees in Nyamasheke. A farmer and buyer of cherries, he grew the business to what it is today. We now have 2 washing stations, Gasharu and Muhororo, and can export beans from nearly 1650 farmers directly. Over the last 43 years, we’ve maintained an unwavering dedication to making the highest-quality coffee we can. Coffee has been critical to rebuilding our community after the 1994 Tutsi Genocide and it remains an important part of our culture and ways. With local businesses being taken over by large multinational companies, we are aware that we have to make Gasharu Coffee more resilient. We have improved our sourcing and processing methods, encouraging curiosity about innovative ideas to take coffee to the next level, producing naturals, honeys and experiments. Our coffee grows at an altitude of 1580-2100 masl and has proven to yield a fine and flavoursome cup.

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Coffee Story


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