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Burega Women's Micro-lot - Buliza CWS FW Gr A - Rulindo - Northern Province

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Process type
Fully washed
Altitude range
1500m - 2110m
Harvest period
March, 2023 - July, 2023
Average yearly production in bags
Available quantity
320 X 60 kg bags est.
Minimum order quantity (MOQ)
5 bags
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The coffee story

Washing Station: Buliza CWS
Location: Burega sector, Rulindo district, Northern Province, Rwanda
Manager: Niyigena Joseph
Foundation year: 2007
Number of members: 2306 farmers
Altitude range of the farms: From 1750 m to 2100 m
Altitude of the washing station: 1790 m
Type of soil: Sandy clay soil
Average size of the farms: 0.5 has
Climate: Tropical Savanna climate (temperatures average at 18 - 19C)
Average yearly rainfall: 1028 mm
Processing: For our wet process we ferment the coffees for 16-20 hours after pulping and sun-dry the beans on raised beds for 18-28 days, monitoring the moisture content with a moisture meter, moving the coffee regularly and covering it when the solar radiation is too intense
Cup profile: Dark fruits, dried fruit, citrus, grapefruit, green tea, tartaric acidity and smooth body

Though Buliza is mainly supplied by a farmers cooperative called Ucocaru, this micro-lot was produced by the women of the Burega cooperative. It has been grown exclusively by smallholder women in the area. 

Coffees from Buliza are known for their high sweetness, density and long shelf life. Sorting of the cherries when they are delivered to the CWS is done carefully and we haven't had any issues with potato defect in the past.

[Women checking the quality of cherries on arrival]

Buliza started its operations in 2007 and has grown its capacity ever since. Today, the washing station can produce up 80MT (metric tons) of parchment per season. It can produce both fully washed and natural coffees, always sun-dried on raised beds. Buliza was among the overall winners of Cup of Excellence in 2011. 

All parchment is stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse on pallets according to the lot numbers. The coffee is kept inside polyethene bags of 60kg with the details of the CWS, lot number and quantity to ensure traceability.  

The process

Fully Washed

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