Orang Utan Coffee
Orang Utan Coffee

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ID-6-202101 • Past harvest

Orang Utan Coffee

  • Conventional (no certification): $7.90 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Variety: Tim-Tim, Ateng, Jember, P88
  • Process type: Semi-Washed
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 81.5 points
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The coffee story

With our Orang-Utan Coffee project we take responsibility for cultivation, processing and trade of a high quality specialty coffee. We combine rainforest and wildlife conservation with sustainable cultivation - from the plantation to the roaster.
A premium of 50 cents per kg receive the coffee farmers, another premium of 50 cents per kg receives the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP).  Both amounts are included in the farm gate price.

The process

Pulped coffee seeds are fermented overnight and washed after breakfast the next morning. The coffee is then laid out to dry in the sun before it is beeing hulled with still a higher moisture content of about 25 - 40%. This means the parchment is removed while still in the drying process. This practice dries the coffee more rapidly and helps to handle difficult climate conditions.
  • Process type
  • Harvest period
    January, 2021 - January, 2021
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: February, 2021
Orang Utan Coffee
Gayo Cuppers Team (Grower)
Cupped: December, 2020
SCA Score
Gayo Cuppers Team (Grower)
Key flavor notes
Walnut, Cacao, Cedar
Gayo Cuppers Team (Grower)
Brown sugar, Orange, Pecan
Quality comment
Full bodied, with mild citric acidity, pleasant aftertaste and nots of cacao and cedar wood.
Gayo Cuppers Team (Grower)
• grade 1, wet-hulled, triple picked • bluish-green colour • moisture content of 11-12%
Sensorial radar
Orang Utan Coffee

Orang Utan Coffee


With our orang utan coffee project we take responsibility for a transparent, fair and sustainable coffee production - from the crop till the roaster - the protection of orangutans and their rainforest habitat and a sustainable livelihood of growing community of over 350 smallholder farmers in the Gayo Highlands of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Our project combines species and habitat conservation with sustainable coffee production and corporate social responsibility. A premium of 50 cents per kg of exported green bean goes to the farmer for his extra efforts in complying with organic and nature conservation standards. An equal premium goes to the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme SOCP, a joint initiative of the Indonesian NGO YEL and Swiss foundation PanEco in partnership with the Indonesian government. More information: https://www.sumatranorangutan.org Do good and drink Orang Utan Coffee!

About the grower

In total 7 farmer groups are part of the project. All of them are located in the Gayo Highlands, it is situated at 900 – 1600 m a s l in the north of Sumatra. The coffee benefits from the climate of the neighbouring protected forests of the Leuser Ecosystem. With two million ha this is the largest rainforest conservation area in Southeast Asia. We support in the conversion to organic farming and strengthen their traditional knowledge about the significance of the complex relationship between tropical rainforest and coffee cultivation. All farmers — dont use any agricultural chemicals such as synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides. — agree not to clear tropical rainforest in order to expand their farm land. — commit to refrain from hunting, catching or trading any protected species of animal or plant.


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