Sindoro Central Java Washed

Bright Java Coffee

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Bright Java Coffee Indonesia
S-795, Sigarar utang, Kartika
Process type
Fully washed
Altitude range
1450m - 1800m
Harvest period
May, 2022 - July, 2022
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
83.5 points
Updated September, 2022
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The coffee story

 On the slopes of Sindoro-Sumbing in Central Java, coffee is commonly grown among tobacco. Some use an intercropping system, between tobacco, fruit trees and vegetables. Sindoro is a volcanic mountain in the region of Temanggung, Central Java, Indonesia. The mountain's peak is about 3153 masl. And Sumbing is one of the highest mountains in Java (about 3371 masl) and is a  still-active volcano. Before 2000 this area was only known as a tobacco-growing region. In 2000 fifty thousand coffee seedlings from the Central Java Provincial government were distributed amongst the smallholder farmers of this area.

Tuhar, chairman of The Protection of Geographical Indications of Javanese Arabica Coffee Sindoro Sumbing (MPIG KAJSS) is the spearhead of the coffee growing movement in Sindoro-Sumbing. He is also the head of the Daya Sindoro Cooperative of 45 farmers.  With up to 350 hectares under cultivation, Tuhar is the main advocate for coffee planting amongst the 1350 smallholders who cultivate up to 17500 trees in the growing region. He farmers how to cultivate coffee properly from his home in Tlahab Village using integrated Pest Control methods and other sustainable methods. Tuhar encourages farmers, especially members of Daya Sindoro, to increase their output of coffee from this area to have a better quality of life overall.

We started working with Tuhar and Daya Sindoro in 2021 offering innovative wet and dry processing methods including anaerobic fermentation natural processes to be used in competition-grade coffees to cleaner and faster milling using our state of the art facility.

Read more about Troy Kiper of Bright Java here.

The process

Wet Process or Fully washed. Coffee cherries are pulped and fermented for 12-18 hours. After fermentation to remove mucilage coffee is dried to 11-12% moisture. Parchment is processed after resting one month in our state of the art dry mill.