Cafesmo Ocotepeque Honduras
Cafesmo Ocotepeque Honduras

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HN-123-202101 Marcela Valle El Corcho Washed Parainema

  • Conventional (no certification): $7.606 USD / kg
  • Organic: $7.7162 USD / kg
  • FairTrade: $7.7162 USD / kg
  • FairTrade + Organic: $7.9367 USD / kg

  • Origin: Honduras
  • Variety: Parainema
  • Process type: Fully washed
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 85.75 points
  • Available quantity: 20 bags
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1 bag

last updated on 2021-02-23

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The coffee story

We grow beans on 42 hectares of fertile land with lots of natural shadow. There are old pine trees covering much of our plantation and also the surrounding forest, which creates a cooler, somewhat humid climate. We have planted abundant banana, orange, and lime trees to boost shadow, as well as for personal consumption. 

We grow several varieties like Pacas, Icatú, Anacafé 14, but the dominating varieties are Parainema and Obata.

The farm covers a range of altitudes, between 1,200 and 1,550 meters. We start harvesting our coffees at the lowest altitudes by the end of October and we end with beans on the highest parts around early March, assuring a long-lasting, high quality harvest.

While all our coffees are Fair Trade and Organic certified, we are proud to propose micro-lots from specific varieties as well. Request a sample if you want to try one of our coffees!

Click to see Marcela preparing a small lot

The process

When the beans are picked we will first depulp them, and leave them in the water for a few hours. After that, we will wash them and remove floating beans and any other beans that do not meet requirements, like beans that are too small, and also leaves and bits of branches that may have been picked inadvertently. Once the beans are washed, we leave them to dry on the patio, for at least a full day, or two if it's not very sunny. Then, we move the beans to our solar dryer. Because it's relatively fresh in our area (in the middle of a pine wood, at 1,250 meters), it takes at least 15 but often up to 25 days to give the beans enough time to reach 11% to 12% humidity. When the beans have reached that point, we bring them to Cafesmo for quality control. The Cafesmo Q grader cups the coffee and determines the quality profile. After that the coffee is stored at the Cafesmo facilities at 1,400 meters - on pallets and never directly against a wall - until it's brought to the export facility and readied shipment.
  • Process type
    Fully washed
  • Altitude range
    1200m - 1550m
  • Harvest period
    January, 2021 - January, 2021

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: February, 2021
Sebastian Wiersma
Silvia Ventura Urías (Grower)
Cupped: February, 2021
SCA Score
Silvia Ventura Urías (Grower)
Key flavor notes
Red berries, Black currant, Cranberry, Citrus fruit, Honey, Herbal
Silvia Ventura Urías (Grower)
Caramel, Fruity, Citric
Quality comment
Complex and juicy, with medium, juicy citric acidity and velvety body, honey in the aftertaste- very pleasant.
Silvia Ventura Urías (Grower)
As my brother and I are both civil engineers, we love to build stuff. Recently, we've installed a solar dryer on our finca with 324 small, movable African beds. This lot is the first coffee ever that we have dried on it and it shows. The movable beds allow us to move coffees to any spot in the solar dryer very easily: higher for more heat, lower for less light and cooler temps. We are now able to regulate the drying process with much more precision. The coffee has a really clean cup.
Sensorial radar
Sebastian Wiersma
Cafesmo Ocotepeque Honduras
Honduras Rainforest Alliance, FairTrade, Organic

About the group Translate

We, the 250+ members who together form Cafesmo, have formalized our cooperation in 2016. Our individual fincas are relatively small, most of them ranging from 2 to 12 hectares. All our fincas are FTO certified and we offer an array of specialty profiles. Our region - Ocotepeque - is known for its rich soil and perfect altitude range to grow unique, richly flavored coffees. We are convinced that Mercedes and Ocotepeque will continue to gain in fame over the next few years, and deservedly so. Most of our finca’s are located between 1,200 and 1,600 meters. Thanks to a varied topography, we have a long harvest season, that starts late October and lasts until March. Varieties include Pacas, Lempira, Parainema, Catuaí, Obatá, Colombia, IHCAFE90… We have young people as well as less young members, women and men, someone who is a microbiologist, and one who has been an elementary school teacher. Together, we stand for ‘diversity and quality’, together we stand strong

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About the grower

I started to work as a coffee producer only five years ago, but I grew up on our finca with my family… My grandfather built a nursery for new coffee plants in the patio of our home when I was little, and I was fascinated by it right away, so I always wanted to help him. And my father often took me to our finca when I was a child. I still remember how much I loved being there. Now, I’m a civil engineer, but first and foremost I am a coffee producer. In 2020, I participated in a series of workshops organized by Cafesmo, to learn how to prepare specialty coffees and it was an extraordinary experience. Maybe, because I am an engineer, I have a brain that loves science and technique, and preparing a great specialty coffee is about exactly that. And when the sun goes down behind the hills that surround our land, I love to sit down quietly with my last coffee of that day, one that I made, literally from crop to cup!

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Rum Baba coffeeroasters
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