GT-88-202111 • Past harvest

Transito Bolivar HB EP

  • Conventional (no certification): $4.4093 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Variety: Caturra, Sarchimor, Catuai
  • Process type: Fully washed
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 83.25 points
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The coffee story

Farm: Finca Transito Bolivar 
Producer: Stephanie Stillman 
Location: Colomba, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

 Near the Santiaguito volcano Finca Transito Bolivar is a third-generation family business managed by women. Our grandfather bought the farm in 1940 and it has been part of the family ever since. The farm sits right below the mountains that surround the volcano Santiaguito, which provides generous amounts of ash that serve as a natural fertilizer. The mountains provide a stable humid microclimate.  We have currently renovated 70% of our coffee trees with Catuai, Caturra, Catimor and Sarchimor varieties. In the renovated areas, the farm has kept a variety of native and old trees for shade and has planted Inga trees to fix nitrogen in the soil,  We strongly believe in protecting and promoting diversity of flora and fauna and the adequate use of natural resources. The farm is a member of the Women in Coffee Association.

*Coffee to be exported in GrainTech bags.

The process

Fully washed
The Guat Lab by TTCo Exports
Produced by Transito Bolivar
  • Single farm
Offered by The Guat Lab by TTCo Exports
  • Guatemala
  • 47 sales on Algrano
  • 2 Average orders per roaster
  • 28 Roaster relationships
  • Seller relationships with Roasters in
Trusted by
80 Stone Coffee
Belfast Coffee Roast

Young, Entrepreneurial, Innovative, Transparent

The Guat Lab is Mario Alarcon and Christian Starry, two producers and exporters who work side by side with growers in all parts of Guatemala to help them market their coffees. Unlike most exporters, they work as service providers providing 100% price transparency to their partners. The company developed a model with a fixed fee for exporting services and fair prices discussed with (not imposed to) each farmer and direct contact to the final buyer. Chris and Mario managed to make room for a different kind of exporting in Guatemala. More people trade transparently in the country now, a trend they are proud to have pioneered. They work with a number of producers with similar views of coffee: focus on innovation, transparency and a savvy approach to business. Mario is also the owner of Finca El Recuerdo and Finca Monte de Oro in Acatenango whilst Chris owns Finca El Xalúm and La Revuelta in Amatitlán. They are also known as Truth Trading Company or TTCo Exports.

  • Process type
    Fully washed
  • Altitude range
    1100m - 1400m
  • Harvest period
    November, 2021 - March, 2021
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: February, 2021
The Guat Lab by TTCo Exports
Seller (Pending)
Cupped: N/A
SCA Score
Seller (Pending)
Key flavor notes
Nutmeg, Red berries, Green apple, Milk chocolate
Seller (Pending)
Quality comment
Seller (Pending)
Sensorial radar


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