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Nardos Coffee Export (Beka Estate)

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74112, 74158, 74110
Process type
Natural/Sun Dried
Altitude range
1800m - 2200m
Harvest period
November, 2020 - March, 2021
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
86.25 points
Updated February, 2021
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The coffee story

Nardos Exporting Company is a third-generation family business, tracing its coffee heritage back to 1960 when the family began growing coffee in the Guzi zone. Mr Aklilu Kassathe, Nardos' current managing director, restructure the company in 1998 and today Nardos is one of the most reputable coffee companies in Ethiopia.

With many decades of experience in coffee, Nardos is committed to supplying high-quality coffees delivered on time, a process managed by skilled professionals and excellent logistics services. Nardos exports an average of 2.000 tons of both washed and natural coffees every year. The company also works with other 1334 growers in the Guji zone supplying RFA, UTZ and CAFE Practices coffees.

Social responsibility
Nardos shows unique commitment to social responsibility through projects aimed at the coffee-producing communities. In 2012, Nardos partnered with Think Coffee café and The Bushwick Seed Company imports in New York City to channel a portion of our joint profits into building a library and distributing feminine hygiene products for Kellensoo Eleshu Primary School in Hagere Mariam district, which is benefiting thousands. With Nardos, you can be certain that your investment will make a positive impact.

The process

Sundried on raised beds