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Nano Challa Cooperative Limu Grade 1 FW

  • Organic: $7.1651 USD / kgFOB est.
  • Conventional (no certification): $7.1651 USD / kgFOB est.

  • Origin: Ethiopia
  • Variety: Heirloom
  • Process type: Fully washed
  • Available quantity: 482 bags est.
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 100 bags
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  • Available for shipping from Feb, 2022 to Jun, 2022.
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The coffee story

Nano Challa is a primary cooperative part of Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union. The Union is based at Agaro town,  45 km from Jimma, the largest city in southwestern Oromia Region in Ethiopia, and 397 km from Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Kata Muduga works with farmers from 5 rural districts in the Jimma zone: Goma, Gera, Gumai, Setema, and Sigimo. The general manager and representative of the Union is Asnake Nigat.

Nano Challa, located at the Gendi Challa kebele, is among the better-known names of Jimma coffee and this Limu Grade 1 (Limu is the grade given to Fully Washed lots in this zone and also the name of Jimma's coffee growing region) has all the desired attributes of the region on the cup: bright citric acidity, crisp florals and tea-like notes.

The Nano Challa Cooperative was established in 2004 by 25 farmer members from the Agaro town in the Jimma Zone, Oromia. The founder members formed the group in order to foster unity and to find good buyers for their coffees, alleviating debt and improving standards of production. Jimma was an area that had become synonymous with 'Jimma 5', a low quality natural processed commercial type of coffee that fetches minimal prices on the internal and international market. Members of Nano Challa set themselves to change that.

According to Asnake Nigat, the 2020-2021 crop started early, with a peak in December and forecasted to be finished by January 2021. This is also a smaller crop: if on a bumper Nano Challa can produce up 10 containers of coffee, this year the Cooperative reduced its volume to 3 containers.

Nano Challa
Location: Jimma zone, Gera district, Genji Challa kebele
Altitude: 1980 - 2100m
Temperature: from  12C to 25C
Farmers: 641 

Kata Muguda represents and markets the coffees from Nano Challa following the price structure below: 

Export expenses: 5%
Union commission: 5%
Payment to coop members: 70%
Cooperative expenses: 30% (of which 10% are used to invest in social projects)

The process

The washed processing of Ethiopian is relatively standardized / follows similar patterns. First cherries are pre-sorted, which means under and overripe ones, as well as foreign material, are being moved for a more homogenous cherry quality. Then the cherries are depulped mechanically and then enter a fermentation tank. The remaining mucilage which surrounds the parchments breaks down with the help of naturally occurring yeasts and bacterias within 40 - 50 hours. Afterward, the coffee is washed a second time in a slim water funnel which simultaneously separates low from high-density beans by gravity. Then the clean, wet parchment coffee is put on drying beds under shade, where further sorting by hand happens. As the parchment is still wet at this point, it is much easier to detect irregular or insect-damaged beans. After 24 hours the coffee is moved to the another raised drying bed under the sun to be dried to a moisture content of 12% within 7-10 days.
Produced & offered by Kata Muduga Multipurpose Farmers' Cooperative Union
  • Ethiopia
  • Cooperative
  • C.A.F.E practices, Organic
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The Kata Muduga Union was founded in 2015. It is an Umbrella organization for Cooperatives in the Jimma Area and provides marketing and administrative services to them. The Union sells and exports the Cooperatives coffees on their behalf. However, Kata Muduga doesn't take position on the coffees and sells them under its own name but rather acts as a sales agent. We decided to work with Kata Muduga because of the great potential of the Limu area but also because of its self-understanding as a transparently working service provider. 90% of the final FOB price is returned to the producer. 5% are linked to actual transport and warehousing costs and 5% cover the operational costs of Kata Muduga.

  • Process type
    Fully washed
  • Harvest period
    October, 2021 - January, 2022
  • Average yearly production in bags

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