Queen Honey Bourbon

Coffee Graders SAS

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Coffee Graders SAS
Process type
Fully washed
Altitude range
1750m - 2000m
Harvest period
May, 2022 - December, 2022
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
86.75 points
Updated December, 2021
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The coffee story

This is a coffee for royals. Its flavor, aroma, and body are incredibly particular, worthy only of the most exquisite palates.

You need to know, that if you want to savor the nectar of this honey, then you have to be prepared to endure the sensations that are going to take over your body. Believe it or not, we are being very humble, because this honey has the perfect sweetness. We have been working on the fermentation process for years now and after a lot of failures, we have achieved perfection.  

We grow this coffee in the Huila region between 1.680 and 1.800 MASL. 

Our Queen is more than special. Dare and ask for your samples.


The process

This coffee goes through a very unique fermentation process. 120 hours of fermentation. then 15 to 20 days sun drying.