Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera
Hacienda Cafetera La Pradera

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CO-126-202012 • Past harvest

Media Luna Double Fermentation Washed Organic- Varietal Bouquet Colombia, Castillo, Caturra

  • Rainforest Alliance: $5.50 USD / kgFOB
  • Organic: $5.50 USD / kgFOB
  • Conventional (no certification): $5.50 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
  • Process type: Fully washed
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 84.0 points
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The coffee story

Hector Daza Jr, our processing manager, presents this special profile of 3 delicious varieties from our farms: Colombia, Castillo and Caturra. 
Colombia and Castillo are two varieties created in Colombia to address issues of productivity and resistance to the coffee rust, while at the same time seeking positive attributes in the cup. Caturra is a long time favorite of many for its delicious flavor notes and round body. 
With our specially crafted double fermentation protocol to enhance the natural attributes of these varieties and  with its characteristic sweetness, we are sure you will find this to be one of your new favorite Colombian coffees. 

The process

Our specially crafted Media Luna is fully eco-washed, after undergoing two different stages of controlled fermentation. Here's the story on the process: 1.Coffee is harvested by hand at its optimal point of ripeness 2.At the mill, coffee cherries are taken to the first hopper where the cherries will be washed to remove excess dust or any leaves or twigs. 3.The coffee cherries will now undergo a period of 24 hour anaerobic fermentation (while still in cherry) 4. Next the coffee is pulped and then will be placed in a sealed hopper for the next period of 36 hours of controlled anaerobic fermentation. 5. When the second fermentation period is completed, the coffee will be pulped and taken to our eco-wash station. We use innovative equipment to make an efficient use of the precious resource that water is. 6. The coffee is then transported via bands to our pre-drying deck. We discovered that the moving bands, reduces physical damage to the coffee bean. The pre-drying deck allows the coffee to take a rest to stabilize in between the fermentation, wash and drying phases. 7. The coffee is then slowly dried until it reaches a humidity of between 10.5 and 11% 8. The coffee is then stored in Grainpro bags until the moment when it will be threshed and prepared for export.
  • Process type
    Fully washed
  • Harvest period
    December, 2020 - December, 2020
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: January, 2021
Oscar Daza Bautista
Grower (Pending)
Cupped: January, 2021
SCA Score
Grower (Pending)
Key flavor notes
Molasses, Cacao, Pip fruit, Brown sugar, Caramel
Grower (Pending)
Quality comment
Combination of notes of pip fruit, cacao and molasses, together with mild malic acidity , full body, and brown sugar finish will make it a decent, down to earth espresso for a casual coffee drinker.
Grower (Pending)
Enjoy notes of chocolate, nougat, dried stone fruit, and a round body. 
Sensorial radar
Oscar Daza Bautista


Colombia Organic, Rainforest Alliance, Bird Friendly, Con Manos de Mujer

La Pradera is a family-owned organic estate farm in Aratoca, Santander. Four generations of the Daza Bautistas have been directly involved in the production, processing and export of exceptional, organic, specialty coffee. In the early 1970’s Mr. Héctor Daza began the transformation of the family farm into a coffee paradise, by planting diverse timber and fruit trees, creating a beautiful shade canopy for the different varieties of coffee he planted. This was the starting point of a lifelong commitment to environmental practices at La Pradera. The 1980’s were a challenging period, with low market prices and adverse climate conditions. I, Oscar Daza, third generation, assumed the leadership of La Pradera, with a vision to produce extraordinary specialty coffees, certified Rainforest Alliance, Birdfriendly and Organic for world markets.

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