Las Margaritas
Las Margaritas

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CO-116-202012 • Past harvest

Finca Las Margaritas Guaipó Lavado

  • Conventional (no certification): $7.5012 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Colombia
  • Variety: Castillo
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 84.75 points
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The coffee story

This lot was handpicked on the slopes of Finca Las Margaritas near the town of Confines, Santander, Colombia. The red cherries were floated in a water tank to separate the ripe from the unripe ones. After selection they were fermented for 24 hours insided a closed tank. Then they were depulped and underwent a second fermentation stage in pulp for 16 hours. The coffee was later washed and dried on African beds.
This lot comes from Finca Las Margaritas in the town of Confines, Santander, Colombia. The farm is owned by  Ricardo Gonzáles and his wife Lina María Africano. 

El lote de café fue recogido en el mes de Diciembre de 2020, durante la cosecha tuvimos algunas dificultades debido a que la situación presentada por la pandemia limitó el ingreso de los recolectores que vienen de otras zonas del país. No obstante, como finca logramos obtener la certificación como "Negocios verdes" la cual es emitida por la corporación ambiental de nuestra región. 
Nuestro café Lavado se caracteriza por tener notas cítricas achocolatadas, fragancias de panela a, chocolate, miel y vainilla, cuenta con una acidez cítrica media alta y cuerpo medio. Sabemos que nuestro café será seleccionado por los tostadores por las características adquiridas al ser cultivos bajo sombra, el cuidadoso proceso de recolección y un dedicado procesamiento que brinda una excelente taza. 
  • Altitude range
    1750m - 1900m
  • Harvest period
    December, 2020 - December, 2020
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: January, 2021
Ricardo González
Grower (Pending)
Cupped: January, 2021
SCA Score
Grower (Pending)
Key flavor notes
Citrus fruit, Green tea, Herbal, Toffee
Grower (Pending)
Quality comment
Gentle hints of citrus fruit in combination with great, long lasting and sweet aftertaste, citric acidity and high in body.
Grower (Pending)
Sensorial radar
Ricardo González


Colombia Rainforest Alliance, Rainforest Alliance

Finca Las Margaritas is a family farm managed by myself and my wife Lina. We are helped by overseer Andrés and his wife Pilar. Lina and I are both engineers and live in Bucaramanga, but having a farm and returning to the countryside was a dream of ours. We believe we can offer a better future for our daughters Laura and Luisa by working with coffee. Our farm is located in the mountains of Confines, Santander, between 1750m and 1900m above sea level. The climate is fresh and we have many trees to cover our plantation. We are Rainforest Alliance certified due to our commitment to the environment and biodiversity and we have a water spring surrounded by a conservation area. This harvest is the first in which we are experimenting with processing. These are still small scale investments because of space, but we are very happy with the results so far! We haven't received many visitors yet and welcome those who want to see what we do and drink some guarapo (and coffee) with us!

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