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BR-403-202006 • Past harvest

Flaviano da Silva Dutra - Yellow Catuaí Honey - Taza Dorada Micro-lot Joint 3rd place Ref 1005

  • FairTrade: $8.8185 USD / kgFOB
  • Conventional (no certification): $8.8185 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Variety: Yellow Catuaí
  • Process type: Honey
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 84.25 points
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The coffee story

NAME: Cooperativa Regional, Industrial e Comercial de Produtos Agricolas do Povo que Luta
FLO ID 4741
Fairtrade certified since 2006
Number of members 137
Altitude 1000 m
Area of production 663 ha
Product varieties Catuaí, Catucaí 2SL y Catucaí 785
Processing Naturally washed
Coffee quality 80-88 average cupping score (SCA)
Months of harvest May - September

Provided by CLAC

Provided by CLAC

The Cooperativa Regional, Industrial e Comercial de Produtos Agricolas do Povo que
Luta (COORPOL), was founded in June 2006. It is located in Brazil, in the region of
Leste de Minas and currently has 137 members, of which 16% are women.
For Coorpol, it is a priority to develop activities that allow the improvement of the
coffee quality of its members and better position the cooperative in the specialty
coffee market. To encourage this work, the cooperative holds contests, including a
specific contest for coffee produced by women and invests in participation in
national and international fairs, to disseminate the product.

The mission of the organization is to provide partners with intelligent solutions to
their businesses through quality goods and services, respecting cooperative
principles, improving the quality of life of their families, and socio-environmental
responsibility. In the same way, its vision is to be recognized as an innovative
cooperative in products and services and to be a reference in products of excellent


COORPOL associates coffee is harvested by family labor, manually and / or semi-
mechanized, with sun drying. The coffee of the organization grows at an altitude of

1000 meters and its harvest is from the months of May to September, which is
exported from August to April.


For the organization, the Fairtrade certification promotes the development of the
producers in relation to the adjustments and management of the properties. In
addition, producers can market their products with added value and the cooperative
receives the Fairtrade Premium which helps the producers, the organization and the


The organization implements the Coffee Quality competition produced by Women
supported by the Fairtrade social premium. This project started in 2016, with the
objective of encouraging the participation of women members and women coffee
producers of the municipality of Manhuaçu (where the cooperative has a greater
number of members) in the production of specialty coffees. For the year 2016 50
samples were received, in the second year there were 62 samples and in 2018 there
were 82 samples, demonstrating that each year there is a greater interest for
women in producing quality coffees.

The organization implements the social project CACAAS - Center for the Support of
Children, Adolescents and Adults of Sacramento. The project serves more than 30
children, offering classes for school reinforcement, guitar lessons, capoeira classes
and computer science. The organization collaborates with the payment of the
capoeira teacher and also in the preparation of the uniforms for 16 children who
attend these classes.
  • Process type
  • Altitude range
    1000m - 1000m
  • Harvest period
    June, 2020 - June, 2020
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: November, 2020
Luciano Oliveira
CLAC Fairtrade (Grower)
Cupped: October, 2020
SCA Score
CLAC Fairtrade (Grower)
Key flavor notes
Dried fruit, Red apple, Praline, Molasses
CLAC Fairtrade (Grower)
Raspberry, Black tea, Watermelon, Fruity, Molasses, Citric, Refreshing
Quality comment
Fruity, with medium citric acidity and coating body.
CLAC Fairtrade (Grower)
Sensorial radar
Luciano Oliveira


Brazil FairTrade

A COORPOL é uma cooperativa de pequenos agricultores que buscam no trabalho coletivo uma melhor qualidade de vida, através do cooperativismo e do associativismo. Desde 2000, os produtores do grupo fazem um trabalho visando a produção agroecológica e orgânica, com foco na sustentabilidade. Em 2007, a cooperativa foi certificada pelo FairTrade, sendo uma das primeiras cooperativas da Região das Matas de Minas a obter está certificação. Mesmo em um contexto em que as burocracias criam obstáculos para a agricultura familiar e para os pequenos e médios produtores, a COORPOL sempre busca o fortalecimento e a sustentabilidade de seus cooperados.


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