Coopervitae Mundo Novo & Catuaí Natural - Taza Dorada FCL Category 2nd place Ref 1013

Coopervitae Fair Trade
Red fruit

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Mundo Novo, Catuaí
Process type
Natural/Sun Dried
Harvest period
June, 2020 - June, 2020
Algrano's cupping score (SCA)
84.0 points
Updated October, 2020
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The coffee story

NAME: Cooperativa Agropecuária dos Produtores Orgânicos de Nova Resende e Região
FLO ID 2541
Fairtrade certified since 2006
Number of members 116
Altitude 1,100-1,200 m
Production Area 1,214 ha
Product variety Catuaí Amarillo, Catuaí Rojo, Mundo Nuevo, Catuaí, Arara, Bourbon, Catiguá
Harvest Months May- September
Export Period January-December
Other Certifications Certifica Minas and ATeG

Provided by CLAC

Provided by CLAC

The Cooperativa Agropecuária dos Produtores Orgânicos de Nova Resende e Região
(COOPERVITAE) is located in Nova Resende in the southern state of Minas Gerais.
The city of about 17 thousand inhabitants, has a mountainous landscape dominated
by coffee plantations, which is the main activity of the region.

In 2001, the AAO (Association of Organic Agriculture) supports the start of organic
certification and the first commercialization of organic coffee is made, but much was
discussed about the difficulties in marketing through association. Within the
framework of these questions, the need arises to create a cooperative, being
founded, in July 2001, the Coopervitae, with the purpose of disciplining production,
making feasible certification and group marketing. Currently, Coopervitae has 120
members located in 5 cities of the region, with the capacity for direct export.

The process of coffee production in Coopervitae is predominantly carried out in a
familiar way, the coffees are collected manually and with the help of manual
collapses due to the mountainous relief. Subsequently, the drying process is carried
out, which is carried out by women in most cases. The dryers are used only if the
weather is not favourable. The process of storage and processing of the coffees is
done in the contracted warehouse and 100% tracked.

The cooperative was one of the first to obtain organic and Fairtrade certification,
and has always worked to promote its producers to reduce the use of agrochemicals
through good agricultural practices, as well as courses on integrated management of
pests and diseases for the training and productive development of its members.

The Coopervitae organization considers that the Fairtrade certification adds value to
the effort and brings the producer closer to the final buyer, with transparency and
trust, in addition to demanding continuous improvement in relation to the care of
the environment, with the health and well-being of the families and of the


The Cooperative invests the resources of the Fairtrade Premium in improving the
productivity and quality of its cooperative's coffee through technical assistance,
training and conferences. Through the partnership with IF Muzambinho and the
work of the field technician, the organization promotes good agricultural practices
through the ecological management of plantations and the management of pests
and diseases, thus reducing the use of chemical products.

The organization has developed the Cafés de Calidad project since 2018 as one of
the strategies of the new management of Coopervitae. The cooperative throughout
the year held field days on quality and post-harvest, a round of business, conferences
and encouraged the participation of producers in the Municipal Quality Competition
promoted with the partners. The contest counted on the participation of 40
producers that were awarded the 2 first places in the natural category with
scores of 87.12; and the top 5 positions in the peeled cherry category, with scores
between 85 and 86, the result of everyone's work.