BR-325-202007 • Past harvest

7th place: Red Catuaí Natural Sítio Bela Vista

  • Conventional (no certification): $6.6612 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Variety: Red Catuaí
  • Process type: Natural/Sun Dried
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 86.25 points
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The coffee story

Bela Vista is located in the town of São Gonçalo do Sapucaí bordering the town of Campanha, in the South of Minas Gerais. The altitude helps us a lot. This coffee comes from the highest part of the farm at 1270m. The air is cool and gentle. The plot is new too. We bought it 7 years ago. 

Before Bela Vista, we were not full-time farmers. My father inherited a tiny piece of land (1 hectare) and we started growing coffee on it. Most of the time we were still picking at the neighbouring farms. It was only when we started harvesting our own that we became able to put some money together to expand. And now we have pickers working for us.

Me and my 3-year-old daughter Isabela. She loves seeing coffees on the patio

This year’s harvest was a blast. Maturation was good and so homogenous that the pickers who work with me had a laugh. My farm is too steep for mechanical harvesters, so I always bring folks from the North of Minas Gerais to pick coffee and host them for 3 months. This year, with COVID, they all had to self-isolate when they came, but the weather was a blessing. The rain patterns were perfect, with just a little bit of rain at the end of the drying season.

When we acquired Bela Vista, we had already heard that higher altitudes were better for the quality of coffee. They are also harder to manage because of the plot inclination and they tend to produce less. That actually made them cheaper at the time. When we bought Belva Vista it was cheaper than the lower altitude plots and it was all we could afford. The irony!

I started working with specialty coffee around 2010. It was thanks to my friend Alessandro, who was the first place in this competition. At the time, he was the president of APAS Coffee. Two years after I started I gave up. I couldn’t see the results and thought nothing of the project. Alessandro came to me and insisted that I carried on. That I had good coffee. “You have to believe in it,” he said. So I did. And I’m happy about it. When I saw the results of Algrano’s competition I texted Alessandro straight away. “I owe it to you,” I said.

View from my farm. The plot we bought was split between my brother and me. His side is called Candeia

Slow, steady, together
Since then we sold coffees to other countries and began seeing clients ask for bigger quantities.  We also have qualified to some local competitions and got really good prices for our coffees. “Slow and steady will get you to where you want to go.” That is the saying. This is how it’s been for us. Coffee is a long term investment. I see people jumping on coffee because they saw some farmers making some money but they don’t last. They don't think about all we did back then, in the early days. 

I also need to thank my family. Togetherness is what got us through. We have our plots together and we look after them as one. Many farmers fail in this because they are stubborn and try to do everything by themselves. We share each other’s losses and, of course, the gains.

The competition jury in Brazil: Jack (right), William (centre) and Francisco (left)

*This coffee was scrutinized by 4  certified Q-Graders in 2 countries for the competition process with rigorous sensorial and physical analysis. Differences in cupping scores and notes are due to the use of different roast machines and lab setups. As the selection of the lots and the rankings happened in Brazil, the jury's score was kept as the main quality evaluation on the lot information page. Read the information below for more detail.

Algrano's QC
Q-Grader: Veronika Kečkéšová
Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Roaster: IKAWA 
Total roasting time: 6'50" to 7'
First crack: Around 5¨45", 194 to 196 degrees Celsius
DTR: 65" to 70"
Quality comments: Score: 86.25. Primary notes of Floral, Green apple, Stone fruit. Secondary notes: Herbal, Toffee. Lingering finish with citric, bright, juicy, medium-high acidity and a round body.

"Medium-high citric acidity brightens the whole coffee up, round body and nice floral touch." - Veronika

Jury’s QC
Q-Grader: Jack Robson, Francisco Lentini Neto and William Batista Mariano
Location: Varginha, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Roaster: Speciatto, Carmomaq
Total roasting time: 8-9 minutes
Drying phase: 4-5 minutes
Maillard phase: 3 minutes
DTR: 50 to 70 seconds
Other comments: Agtron 63-65
Screen size: 16/18 (2% below)

The process

Natural. Harvest happened between the end of July and early August. The coffees were picked manually using the “derriça” or stripping method. The maturation was so good that we didn’t have to do selective. We took the cherries to the patio for 8 days until humidity reached 16%. Then we took it to the mechanical dryer to finish drying for another 3 days. It dried a bit faster than on the patio but still quite slow because we manage very low temperatures.
Produced & offered by Sítio Bela Vista
  • Brazil
  • Single farm
  • FairTrade
  • 0 sales on Algrano

Fomos nascidos e criados nessa propriedade, onde se tornou especial para nós. A propriedade foi herança de nossos avós. Não havia plantação de café ,começamos aos poucos , em 1994 plantamos nossa primeira lavoura apenas 1ha ( por coincidência ou não, temos outras lavouras ,porém, nenhuma consegue bater a qualidade dessa primeira lavoura plantada). Meu Pai e meus irmãos que realizamos toda mão de obra da fazenda, o que torna ela Familiar. Estamos todos os anos participando dos concursos, sempre procurando a cada ano melhorar ainda mais a qualidade do nosso produto.

  • Process type
    Natural/Sun Dried
  • Harvest period
    July, 2020 - July, 2020
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: October, 2020
Sítio Bela Vista
Jack Robson (Seller)
Cupped: September, 2020
SCA Score
Jack Robson (Seller)
Key flavor notes
Floral, Green apple, Stone fruit, Herbal, Toffee
Jack Robson (Seller)
Floral, Lemon, Brazil nut, Honey, Bright acidity, Citric, Creamy, Full-bodied, Toffee
Quality comment
Medium-high citric acidity brightens the whole coffee up, round body and nice floral touch.
Jack Robson (Seller)
Sensorial radar


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