BR-304-202008 • Past harvest

Fazenda Três Meninas Topázio Natural

  • UTZ Certified: $4.00 USD / kgFOB
  • Rainforest Alliance: $4.00 USD / kgFOB
  • Conventional (no certification): $4.00 USD / kgFOB

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Variety: Topazio
  • Process type: Natural/Sun Dried
  • Algrano's cupping score (SCA): 83.5 points
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The coffee story

Despite being my family's 4th generation in coffee I am not cultivating the same land as my father. I searched for my plot of land for a long time, trying to find the perfect conditions for coffee growing. We chose our land at Cerrado Mineiro for its ideal topography, uniform geography, altitude and micro-climate. This is how Três Meninas (Three Girls) Farm was born in 2016. The three girls are my wife Paula and 2 daughters Malu and Fefê, who visit the farm regularly as I did when I was a kid, spending most of my school holidays on the fields.

We work closely with the Federal University of Uberlândia implementing partnerships on water-saving irrigation, flowering synchronization and crop qualification. Also, the farm’s been investing on raised African beds, fermentation studies and post-harvest structure for delivering best and unique coffee.

Sustainability is inherent to our values and present in every corner of the farm: we are UTZ and Rainforest certified. We also focus on preventive management with professional technical monitoring, green and biological fertilization, use of organic fertilizers, yeasts, bacteria, fungi and insects and a 50% reduction in the use of herbicides, with a projection for 100% of the area.


This lot is produced as part of our Live profit project, created in partnership with the Federal University of Uberlândia to minimize the use of herbicides on our farm. Currently, 50% of the crop is carried out without the use of herbicides using green and biological fertilizers instead with no soil sweeping (soil covered during 100% of the cycle). We aim to generate financial, environmental and social profits.

Live Profit Project area is covered with green manure during 100% of the cycle and without sweeping the fields rows.

With this project, we have zero application & operation cost, zero agrochemical cost and zero influence on soil microorganisms and root systems. The results are water economy, agrochemical reduction, increased biodiversity, employees less exposed to pesticides and increased the presence of pollinating insects. 
This makes for a better structure in the soil, prevents erosion, increases water infiltration into soil, decreases nutrient leaching, increases the sum of bases and V%, raises organic matter, recycles and improves nutriente availability

The process

This lot was washed in a water tank to remove the floaters and foreign matter and taken to a patio for sun-drying. No mechanical drying involved.
Produced & offered by Fazenda Três Meninas
  • Brazil
  • Single farm
  • UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance
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Somos a terceira geração no cultivo do café. Eu, minha esposa e mais dois funcionários tocamos a fazenda cujo nome é homenagem as 3 mulheres da família. Unimos ciência e inovação na produção de cafés diferenciados com a universidade local, irrigação com economia hídrica, sincronização da florada, manejo preventivo, adubação verde e biológica, fertilizantes orgânicos, leveduras, bactérias, fungos e insetos, metade da área sem herbicida, com projeção para 100% da área. Temos terreiros suspensos e estrutura própria de pós-colheita. Fermentações controladas resultam em microlotes diferenciados e singulares. Somos certificados UTZ e Rainforest. O Rio Bagagem e suas nascentes correm dentro da fazenda e são preservados. Cultivamos o café das relações humanas justas e do equilíbrio ambiental. Estamos em um terroir a 1050 metros de altitude. Cultivamos a variedade Topazio/Arábica. A secagem ao sol e sem despolpamento para manter o máximo dos atributos sensoriais do grão.

  • Process type
    Natural/Sun Dried
  • Harvest period
    August, 2020 - August, 2020
  • Average yearly production in bags

Coffee Quality Evaluation

Cupped: September, 2020
Fazenda Três Meninas
Marco Antonio de Castro (Seller)
Cupped: September, 2020
SCA Score
Marco Antonio de Castro (Seller)
Key flavor notes
Walnut, Dark chocolate, Pip fruit
Marco Antonio de Castro (Seller)
Caramel, Rummy, Citric, Boozy, High sweetness, Lingering, Medium body, Toffee
Quality comment
Well balanced, dark chocolate in flavour very transparent and intense, strongest attributes are body and aftertaste.
Marco Antonio de Castro (Seller)
We cultivate the Topazio variety, a 100% Arabica coffee that produces a full-bodied drink, sweet notes, citric acidity and elongated aftertaste. Drying is entirely in the sun and without pulping to maintain the maximum of the grain’s native sensory attributes. We Grow each coffee bean as we caring for people.
Sensorial radar


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