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BR-245 SL 3779

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FOB prices per kg
  • Conventional (no certification): $8.68 USD / kg

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Variety: Sabiá
  • Process: Natural/Sun Dried
  • Score: 87.5 points
  • Available quantity: 8 bags

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Cup score
87.5 points
Moisture level
From 1090m to 1130m altitude
Harvested in December, 2019
Primary defects in sample
Secondary defects in sample
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Café Fermentado Semi-Anaeróbico. Colheita seletiva.

Based on the preshipment samples. Quality confirmed on 2019-12-13.
Harvest period
from June to August
Altitude range
950m - 1200m
Average annual production
22000 bags of 60kg
Arabica varieties
Bourbon Amarelo, Catiguá, Catucai, Topázio, Mundo Novo, Acaia, Catuai Amarelo, Catuai Vermelho, Obatã, Sabiá
SanCoffee Santo Antonio Estates Coffee, Cooperative
Fazenda Samambaia is a member of Sancoffee which is a relationship platform to connect our growers to the specialty coffee buyers around the world. Through Sancoffee, relationships are developed and strengthened. Coffees are prepared and exported direct from the origin. All our activities are guided by the importance we place on quality, consistency and transparency. Sancoffee undertakes several projects in parthership with research institutes and universities toward the continous increase of the quality and consistency. The “Quality Mining and Learning Project” is always going around the coffee farms to: 1) look for the highest potential lots among a wide range of varieties and coffee plantations; 2) motivate growers and their co-workers to keep the focus in the specialty coffee; and, 3) teach them how to produce high quality coffees in a consistent way. In Cup of Excellence - Naturals - 2016: 2 National Winners Faz. Mumbuca and Faz. Samambaia; and, the Faz Guariroba, the first place.

Once the ordering period ends we will consolidate all coffees in a shared container. During transport, your coffee is fully insured. We will keep you informed about the shipment status.

Upon arrival of the coffee at the warehouse, you can choose between 2 delivery modes:

  • Doorstep delivery: We will take care of transport to your roastery. We will provide your coffee fully insured until it is ready for unloading from the truck at your roastery.
  • EXW (ex. warehouse) means that we will provide the coffee ready for pick-up at the terminal of the warehouse. You are responsible for organising transport and insurance from the warehouse to your roastery.

Currently, we can deliver coffee anywhere in Europe, except Hungary. For all European buyers, the coffee will be provided custom cleared in any case. Roasters in Switzerland choosing EXW will be responsible for customs clearance.

When calculating price, you can currently select only USD. For payments in CHF, EUR, or GBP please contact us.

3 payment methods are accepted on algrano:

1. Buy now, pay later
Pay your coffee when it arrives in Europe. We will send you an invoice 20 days before it arrives in the warehouse, so you can have your coffee released right after payment. This option generates an additional fee, displayed in the shopping cart.

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Master Card, Visa, Maestro and Discover credit cards are accepted. This option generates an additional fee, displayed in the shopping cart.

3. Pay 10 days after placing the order
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