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GT-45 Finca Liquidámbar -Jalapa -Pache Catuaí - Natural

  • Conventional (no certification): $7.9367 USD / kg

  • Origin: Guatemala
  • Variety: Pache, Catuaí
  • Process type: Natural/Sun Dried
  • Grower's cupping score (SCA): 85.5 points
  • Available quantity: 0 bags
  • Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 50 bags

last updated on 2020-07-14

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Coffee Quality Evaluation

Algrano (Pending)
Cupped: N/A
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Cupped: April, 2020
SCA Score - 85.5
Key flavor notes - -
Quality comment - Farm: Finca Liquidámbar Producer: Walter Meléndez and André Meléndez Farm manager: André Meléndez Farm size: 69 hectares Location: San Pedro Pinula town, Jalapa department, Guatemala. Near the Tobón volcano Altitude: 1450 - 1650 m Soil: Red clay Cultivated varieties: Bourbon, Catuaí, Caturra. We also have seedlings of Pacamara and Gesha that we're starting to grow Processes: Washed, Honey and Natural Cup Profile: Red Fruits, Well Balanced, Lingering, Juicy. Finca Liquidámbar is a new farm. My father Walter has been in coffee for over 20 years, selling cherries to exporters in other parts of the country. He bought the farm 9 years ago and I have joined him two years ago to help manage the farm and the post-harvest. At that time, market prices were so low that my father wanted to sell the farm and focus on the cattle we also have for milk production. I insisted that we didn't sell and instead decided to invest in redesigning our processing plant. Today we have a new depulper from Penagos and can process our coffee up to parchment. We have a new mechanical drier for washed lots and polytunnels to dry our natural lots. We also have patios covered with a mesh that stops the beans from touching the floor whilst allowing air to circulate. When we first bring coffees to dry on the patios it looks like a sea of cherries! I have been working with Mario and Chris from Truth Trading Co for about a year now, after having met during a pre Q Grader course here in Guatemala. I want to improve my cupping skills so that I can better understand our coffees. 
Sensorial radar
André Meléndez

About the grower Translate

Mi familia tiene toda una vida dedicada al trabajo del campo especialmente a la ganadería; donde mi papá es caficultor desde hace un poco más de 20 años. Nuestra actual finca se fundó hace 9 años con el principal objetivo de producir café y está situada en lo alto de una montaña, a un poco más de 5,000 pies de altura en las montañas del departamento de Jalapa, y de las casi 70 hectáreas de las que está formada nuestra finca, sólo 14 están dedicadas al cultivo de café bajo el sistema agroforestal, el resto de la finca es bosque. ¿Y como encajo yo aquí? Pues hace 2 años, mi padre quería abandonar el cultivo debido a que ya no era sostenible. Así que lo convencí de hacer un último esfuerzo y empezar a procesar el café. Soy un caficultor joven, tengo 24 años pero a lo largo de ese tiempo me he dado cuenta de lo interesante y apasionante que es el mundo del café. A nosotros se unió un hermano de mi padre. Y aquí estamos, tratando de hacer las cosas bien, trabajando juntos y como familia.

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