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Fermentation talk with Lucia Solis

Everything you wanted to know about fermentation but were afraid to ask

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Talking about coffee fermentation with Lucia Solis, Nov 4 @5PM CET

Special fermentation is THE trend in specialty coffee. A quick Google on “coffee fermentation” reveals more than 30 thousand pages. But quantity doesn’t mean quality and the minority of what comes up is actual scientific research. In the end, the vast amount of information available about this topic creates even more confusion.

There is, however, one source of information that cuts through the noise. Lucia Solis, a specialist in coffee processing, has been guiding the industry since 2019 when she started her podcast series “Making Coffee with Lucia Solis”.

To help undo the mess we find ourselves in, Algrano invited Lucia for a Q&A on fermentation. The goal is to answer the burning questions roasters have been Googling with no reliable source to answer.

  • Are you confused about adulteration?
  • Do you know the right way to describe different types of fermentation?
  • How about the best way to asking producers for the information you need without disrespecting their right to secrecy?

Ask everything you want to know and get answers backed by science and hands-on experience. No more quoting from an obscure website or barista forum.

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Meet the guides

Lucia Solis, Mill Consultant

Lucia Solis specialises in "microbial demucilagination" or the use of microbes to process coffee following pulping. Born in Guatemala and raised in San Francisco, Lucia studied Viticulture and Enology at UC Davis prior to working in the wine industry in Napa Valley. In 2014 she started working at Scott Laboratories and travelled to Central America applying commercial yeast strains at coffee mills to modulate flavours coming from the tank. Today, she is an independent consultant working directly with coffee producers in origin countries to improve processing practices to increase quality.

Luiza Furquim, Content Manager

Luiza is Brazilian. A former journalist and coffee roaster, Luiza has always been driven to find the most persuasive ways to tell the stories of coffee growers to customers. She is also passionate about giving growers the tools to own the narrative around coffee production and to have more negotiation power in the industry.

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