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Virtual trip to Mexico

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The itinerary

Meet the guides - Ensambles de Cafes Mexicanos. They are Mexican exporters working mainly with small communities of producers from Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca. They are supporting producers with higher prices than paid by the internal market. “As part of our work methodology, we promote agroecological, organic and biodynamic practices; in ecosystems under shade trees, with the concept of edible forests, currently sowing a new model for coffee production, with practices that positively impact productive areas, their communities and their soils.” Laura Meunier and Gibrán Cervantes took us on a tour to Huautla de Jiménez in the North of Oaxaca. We drove 7 hours from Oaxaca city into the highlands of small Huautla, starting at a desert landscape and ending in the midst of misty mountains where coffee grows. It was beautiful. We had a typical breakfast with beans, corn tortilla and lots of coffee and saw how producers manually pick and process coffee. But there was a lot more to this trip than lush scenery and people watching.

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It’s OK to say no. It’s not OK to say nothing: Takeaways from the Mexico virtual trip

After our trip, Laura and Gibrán touched upon some big sore spots of our industry. Below are our main takeaways from the discussion, from bad prices and systems which keep farmers ignorant to the need to share feedback and market information.

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