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Virtual origin trip to Brazil

E-travel to Brazil on Aug 12, @1pm CET

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What to expect from Brazil this year

The prolonged draught in Brazil followed by the frost  in Brazil has made headlines for months and is a reason of concern for traders and market analysts. But how does it affect the quality of green coffee? What should roasters expect to receive when they buy coffee this year? To answer those questions, Allan and Fabrício of SanCoffee will talk about the recent weather events in Brazil and guide roasters through how the weather affects green coffee from screen size to yields, defects and other physical characteristics of the beans. It is a great chance to improve skills in green grading and learning more about this year’s harvest in Brazil.

Meet the guides

Fabrício Andrade, General Manager

Fabrício Andrade is SanCoffee’s General Manager. He is an agronomist with a masters degree in Supply Chain Management and a PhD in Agricultural Engineering

Allan Botrel, Business Development

With a background in economics and international marketing, Allan Botrel is in charge of Business Development at SanCoffee

Luiza Furquim, Content Manager

Luiza is Brazilian. A former journalist and coffee roaster, Luiza has always been driven to find the most persuasive ways to tell the stories of coffee growers to customers. She is also passionate about giving growers the tools to own the narrative around coffee production and to have more negotiation power in the industry.

About SanCoffee

SanCoffee was born in 2000 as a specialty coffee coop. Since its inception SanCoffee has been the main driving force for quality in the Campo das Vertentes region. The 20 member farms strive to consistently produce amazing coffees, using the most advanced and sustainable agricultural practices, aiming to build long lasting business relationships with roasters across the globe. Each bean carries the soul and the sweat of a coffee grower. Each cup is the expression of the terroir. 

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