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Virtual origin trip to Peru

E-travel to Peru on May 20, @4pm CET

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Sourcing practices: Why time is of the essence

We invited Allpa Ruru, an exporting company in Peru working with small producers when they are selling their coffee outside of cooperatives, to be our guides on this e-journey to Peru. 

What you will get from the tour:

  • Enjoy the views of Peruvian coffee farms

  • See the key stages of coffee production and exporting for Peruvian coffees and learn more about the investment done by producers and the financial challenges they face during these stages

  • Join the discussion about best practices for planning and timing when it comes to direct sourcing

  • By the end of the tour we will get one of the most important questions answered: Why the time you buy is as important as the price you pay

We take off on May 20 @4pm CET/3pm GMT. Reserve your seat!

Meet the guides

Michael Scherff is a former manager of Siemens working in different Regions of the World. Having a Peruvian wife after retiring he came to live in Peru. He has his own little farm and is involved in the coffee business as producer but much more as builder of Business relations to buyers in Europe for small farmers, being a partner of Allpa Ruru in selling good and high quality coffees at good prices. He also has a Q Grader Education.

Carlos Krapp is a former commercial, logistics and general manager of several foreign worldwide companies settled in Peru, that made him drove all over Peru´s more far regions. Now as retired business man is an Inversiones Allpa Ruru partner, whose main goal is to provide access to the foreign market to the small coffee producers with good prices and treatment conditions. He has also approved a Q Grader certificated course.

Luiza Furquim is Brazilian and a Sourcing Manager at Algrano. A former journalist and coffee roaster, Luiza has always been driven to find the most persuasive ways to tell the stories of coffee growers to customers. She is also passionate about giving growers the tools to own the narrative around coffee production and to have more negotiation power in the industry.

About Allpa Ruru

Allpa Ruru is an exporting company managed by Michael Scherff and Carlos Krapp in Central Peru. Their mission is to establish themselves as one of the most recognized exporters of quality Peruvian coffee to the European and North American markets, in a social way in the new business model of direct relationship from the producer to the consumer, seeking to maximize the Peruvian coffee grower benefit and knowledge so that they improve their living conditions.

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The 5th largest producer of Arabica in the world, this South American country is the biggest exporter of organic coffee with over 90 thousand certified organic hectares.