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Virtual trip to Honduras

Algrano and Fairtrade invite you on an e-journey!

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About the tour

In this video we’re going to Honduras. You will get a chance to meet local growers from the Cafesmo coop, get to know how they invest the certification premiums to improve the wellbeing of the community and learn more about organic and Fairtrade coffees in Honduras.

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Meet the guides

HIDARDO Started Cafesmo with Carlos Roberto’s help and, above all, a lot of perseverance and determination. He works as Cafesmo’s director and leads the different teams. He’s an unstoppable coffee lover

Joao Mattos is an agronomist graduated from the Federal University of Viçosa. For 30 years he has worked in the production and roasting of specialty coffees in Brazil. For the past 8 years he has worked on the Fairtrade system. Since 2015 as Coffee Production and Market Coordinator at CLAC- Latin American Coordinator of Fair Trade and in 2019 in the position of Commercial Manager of Coffee Supply Chains, today supporting more than 400 Fairtrade certified coffee cooperatives in Latin America in its link with the market.

SEBASTIÁN Is responsible for international relations at Cafesmo. He’s from the Netherlands, but he’s been working in Honduras for nearly twenty years. Before joining Cafesmo, Sebastian did not drink coffee! Now, he loves it, and every year he learns more.

Luiza Furquim is Brazilian and a Sourcing Manager at Algrano. A former journalist and coffee roaster, Luiza has always been driven to find the most persuasive ways to tell the stories of coffee growers to customers. She is also passionate about giving growers the tools to own the narrative around coffee production and to have more negotiation power in the industry.

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