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Pick up the good vibrations: source directly from producers

Integrate digital sourcing into your business and change the tune of the supply chain

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Roast'n'Roll: take control of your supply chain!

If the upsurge of streaming platforms gave people control over what they listen to and how they listen to it, now Algrano gives you control of who you source from and how you do it, making you the DJ of the supply chain. Buy coffee that comes from producers, not traders! Algrano makes direct sourcing easy by combining technology and a service approach to importing. Farmers and co-operatives offer coffee to you and we import only what you buy.

  • Know how much everyone gets paid
  • Ship alone or share a container
  • Count on our QC team for a guaranteed great cup

Source directly with Algrano

Join 1000+ roasters sourcing to the beat of their own drum!

How to change the way coffee is traded

Power on

The really great bands rarely get featured in the official charts. If you don’t rely on the latest hit parade to discover new music, why would you rely on an offer list to explore coffee? Choose who you want to source from and how you want to get it delivered. 

Mute the middleman

Middlemen make most decisions in the coffee supply chain: what sells, what doesn’t, the quality, the price… It’s like noise distorting the perfect shape of the coffee wave. Algrano gives you the power to kill that hum and buzz. When you source directly, you make your own decisions.  

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Amp up the producer

The supply chain can only find balance when the voice of producers is heard. So plug in your speakers and blast it! Talk to farmers directly, buy coffees with outright prices set by them, build relationships and be part of a sustainable supply chain in the making. 

Why Algrano

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