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Launched in 2015, Algrano was awarded Best IT & Technology Innovation by the Specialty Coffee Association. Our mission is to build a more balanced supply chain through direct trade and commercial relationships, changing the way coffee is traded for good. Today, we are the world’s leading digital marketplace for green coffee, used by roasters in 23 European countries and sellers in more than 18 coffee-producing nations. 

About us

1000+ roasters

registered on the platform

100+ containers

shipped to Europe every year

170 sellers

registered and verified by Algrano

Powering up coffee producers

On Algrano, coffee farmers and organisations can sell directly to European roasters regardless of how much they produce. The platform is your door to the external market, where you can get better prices and long-term stability through relationships with full control over your prices. Build resilience in times of change and get the certainty you need to make your business grow.

Our mission

Why choose Algrano

Be a price maker

You set prices & decide how much your coffee is worth.

Meet your buyers

Access our messaging app and talk to roasters directly!

Get recognition

Sell with traceability and get the appreciation you deserve.

Build resilience

Long-term relationships bring stability to your business.

Sign up and start selling!

Sell directly to European roasters in more than 23 countries and build relationships.

Build trust across borders

Put your business on the coffee map with instant credibility and start connecting with new roasters. No risk for them. No risk for you. 
Roasters want to be sure they can trust suppliers when ordering for the first time. This is why Algrano verifies the businesses of all new sellers with a digital onboarding and sample quality check. Apply to get verified and start selling! You’ll also meet our team and get a demo of the platform. 

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How to get verified

1. Register

Create a free seller account on Algrano and publish a public profile of your farm, coop and/or partners. Cresting public profiles is free & brings initial exposure.

2. Apply

Click on Get Verified on your dashboard or straight on the verification banner in your new producer profile. Fill out the questionnaire and wait for feedback.

3. Send samples

After answering the questionnaire, our team will get in touch. Then, it's time to send samples. Our Zurich lab will evaluate the quality of the coffees you want to offer.

4. Start selling!

Once verified, you can create offers on the marketplace. We will distribute samples for you at no cost and you'll be able to follow sample orders and purchases!

Sell, ship and track deliveries

Get full logistics support when you sell micro-lots and full containers. With partners in more than 18 countries, producers of any size can ship to Europe easily with full visibility.

Join shared shipments organised by Algrano or ship in a dedicated container. Follow the status of every order with timelines updated in real time. Know when roasters receive your coffee and offer an excellent customer experience.

Unlock more sales with the power of customer data

Track sample distribution, convert leads and accelerate the growth of your supply chain.

Get access to My Customers, the first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software created especially for coffee producers. Track the customer’s journey, learn about roasters’ preferences and close deals with autonomy. It’s not just about selling more but selling smarter by building relationships that last.

Roaster index with real-time data

Track the roaster’s journey, find opportunities and connect with potential buyers!

Coffee requests created by roasters 

Receive buying specifications and tap into opportunities.

Messaging app with email notifications

Keep on top of conversations with clients in one place.

Price guidance

Know what prices roasters are paying for similar coffees.

Ship without an export license

Have a potential buyer but can’t deliver? Use Algrano’s Shipping Service to sell anything from 1 bag. We connect you with a network of verified exporters and get your coffee delivered.

Shipping Service

Stock your coffees in Europe

Keep your coffees close to roasters, fast-track deliveries and grow your sales. Access buyers when they need your coffee the most. We manage the warehouse & you focus on closing deals.

Destination Stock Offers

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