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  • Simplifying Direct Sourcing with Cropster
    • Webinar
    Simplifying Direct Sourcing with Cropster

    Algrano and Cropster spoke with Hannes Fendrich of Coffee Circle to learn about the challenges, opportunities, and philosophies of direct sourcing from the roaster's perspective. With Hannes, Marcus Young of Cropster and Luiza Furquim of Algrano discuss how technology can improve direct sourcing through traceability, roaster/producer matchmaking, simplified logistics, and transparently sharing quality reports. Hannes shared how his solutions from Cropster and Algrano simplify direct sourcing.

  • Following Benjamin Pozsgai's #waytotaipei
    • Interview
    Following Benjamin Pozsgai's #waytotaipei

    "“A good cup of coffee is like a good band”: German roasting champion on music, letting the beans talk, and bursting the bubble Algrano follows Benjamin Pozsgai, a veteran of coffee roasting competitions, while he prepares for the World Coffee Roasting Championship in Taipei in November"

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