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    Discover Conilon, the Brazilian Canephora that Is in High Demand

    Similar to Robusta, Conilon has been produced in Espírito Santo since the 1970s. It used to be dried for only six hours, hence the poor quality. Now, producers improved their picking of ripe cherries and started drying their coffee more gently, for longer periods of time.
    published about 1 year ago

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    Meet the farmer: Alessandro Hervaz talks about the Brazilian harvest and his approach to naturals

    Learning how to cup skyrocketed Brazilian farmer Alessandro Hervaz’ journey in coffee. He followed his palate and decided to innovate on post-harvest practices. This lead him to place amongst the 8 best in two consecutive editions of Cup of Excellence. With a simple change, Alessandro says he can remove astringency from unripe cherries and minimize the negative consequences of a difficult harvest.
    published almost 5 years ago

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