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    Differential Pricing on Algrano: Which Lots Are Affected and Why?

    Roasters on Algrano will notice daily price variations for certain coffees. That’s because the platform allows producers to choose between setting a fixed price and a dynamic price.
    published 3 months ago

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    Algrano Market Trends Report 2023

    Trusted by hundreds of coffee professionals, the report is an essential tool for producers and roasters interested in specialty coffee and direct trade.
    published 8 months ago

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    Algrano Market Trends Review 2022

    The new Algrano Market Review highlights the stabilising effect of long-term relationships on coffee supply and prices with more than 60% of surveyed coffee roasters and producers wanting to invest more in direct trade practices in 2022.
    published over 2 years ago

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    Your Guide to Sourcing and Selling Green Coffee Directly

    Download the guide to learn. Producers: about buyers’ needs and how to make offers they can’t resist. Roasters: find out how to communicate and plan, build direct relationships, and access the best lots that never make it to the offer lists.
    published over 2 years ago

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    Algrano's Market Review - 2021 European Roaster Trends

    Download the full report and learn key factors influencing roasters' purchase behaviour, the areas of greatest potential for investment for coffee producers and exporters, communication trends and preferred channels, the price limit that roasters are willing to pay for coffee, regardless of quality, and trends for the year and areas of growth in 2021.
    published over 3 years ago