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    Algrano Market Trends Review 2022

    The new Algrano Market Review highlights the stabilising effect of long-term relationships on coffee supply and prices with more than 60% of surveyed coffee roasters and producers wanting to invest more in direct trade practices in 2022.
    published about 2 years ago

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    Why sometimes you just have to add things to coffee: on fermentation and adulteration

    Why we’re probably not using the word “infused” right, what really happens when a farmer adds fruit to coffee and why we should think twice before calling that adulteration. Read about how one of the loudest voices in coffee approaches the subject and learn about other lesser-known benefits of fermentation such as batch consistency, longer shelf-life and why the process doesn’t have to go beyond (more or less) 36 hours.
    published over 2 years ago

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    To pod or not to pod: 5 tips and coffees to help you embrace the at-home market

    The pandemic’s “new normal” has led to dramatic changes in consumption patterns across the entire HoReCa industry. In coffee, quarantine boosted the at-home and single-serve (pods) markets, accelerating a trend that had been slowly growing for a decade.
    published over 3 years ago