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    Ethiopia and Central America Overview 2021-2022

    Ethiopian millers are paying the highest ever prices for cherries and Central American co-operatives are fighting tooth and nail to secure supply against aggressive multinational traders. Download the free report to know more from your partners at origin!
    published over 2 years ago

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    Harvest report Mexico - Oaxaca 2020

    Coffee production in Oaxaca, Southern Mexico, comes mainly from smallholder farms. The plots of local growers are on average much smaller than the ones located at the neighbouring states of Veracruz and Chiapas. The distances between farms also make it hard for producers to organize themselves.
    published almost 4 years ago

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    Harvest report Mexico - Veracruz 2020

    The quality of Mexican coffee can be spectacular. To understand where the quality comes from, we will now introduce you to two coffee areas and the producers we visited this year, starting with Veracruz.
    published about 4 years ago

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